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I want to setup a wireless connection between my house and the barn. The bard is about 100 yards from the house. I have two computers both running Windows 7. I was looking at a NetGear WNR3500L Router and I was going to use a wireless pci adapter in the barn and attach a Hawking HA12W HiGain Directional 12dBi Window Antenna to it. Does this seem doable or do you have some other suggertion? Currently I have a Netgear WGR614 router and a small D-Link antenna attached to a PCI card that just doesn't do the job. The signal is extremely weak and erratic. Please advise.

Thank you!!

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You can get a  HiGain Directional 12dBi Window Antenna and will help. Make sure your running your Router at N  and 5.2 gz and the range will also be better and more powerful. As far as the signal being erratical your probably running 2.4 GHz and there is interference on the channel weather it would be a Niebor(Sp) with a cordless phone or wirless radio from somebody else.
If they both have mains power, you may want to investigate Ethernet over powerline options - more reliable perhaps than wireless depending on the terrain.
If your barn is on the same meter (or at least the same side of the utility company's transformer) you should be able to do Ethernet over the power line.  Requires one central adapter that is the access point/router, and one remote unit.

You can put one remote unit in the barn.  If you need more access there, you can install a cheap wireless router to cover just the barn.  Doesn't need to be an access point.  The WAN port plugs into the ethernet adapter.  The wireless network in the barn is it's own subnet.

House = 192.168.10.x, WAN: (ISP settings), LAN:
Barn = 192.168.11.x, WAN:, LAN:

If you want the barn to be on the same LAN numbering, then use a cheap Linksys that you can flash with dd-WRT firmware, and turn it into a WAP.
Aleghart - IMHO depends very much on the electrical wiring of the 2 - not just the same side of the transformer - I have seen many instances where the units cannot connect due to power filtering between circuits, stripping out the data as 'noise'
Yes.  I've heard the same.  UPS, power conditioners, etc.  But most electronics have a 7-14 day return policy, allowing you to make a low- or no-cost "field survey" with the equipment.  No other way to test it except to actually plug it in.

Should take the same or less time than building, mounting, and aiming a Pringle's can.  Probable that bandwidth would be faster and more reliable than boosted WiFi.
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