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I am building a website and I thought it would be much easier for my client to upload their photos to Facebook and then I can pull them into their website from there.

How can this be done¿?


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snurkerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Well the button there to add facebook to my website should give you the code snippets that should at least get you started.
If you are building from scratch, Look here http://developers.facebook.com/

If you are using something like Joomla, I would look for a module already set to do it.
intangiblemediaAuthor Commented:
Hi Snurker,

Thanks for that - I always found that site quite overwhelming... any other url you can point me to more specific?
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Ray PaseurCommented:
Any reason why you want your client to upload to Facebook instead of directly to your web site?  Seems to me like FB is an unnecessary part of this exercise.
intangiblemediaAuthor Commented:
I think it is easier for a client to maintain 1 site rather than 2 and Facebook takes such a priority these days and is perfect as a content management system so long as I can pull the photos into the website...
intangiblemediaAuthor Commented:
Not really what I was looking for.
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