Joining Windows 2008 R2 server in domain as backup DC

Hi, I am planning on joining a Windows 2008 R2 server as a backup DC in the domain.
We have 5 domain controllers at each site and they are Windows 2008 32bit standard servers.
I know that there's additional steps I need to do (such as adprep) before joining the R2 server as DC in the domain.
Can someone tell me step by step instructions on how to join R2 server as backup DC in the 2008 standard DC group?

We also have plans to make this new R2 server as primary DC later on and i would also like to be prepared for this as well.

Thank you.
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Joseph MoodyConnect With a Mentor Blogger and wearer of all hats.Commented:
What do you mean by backup and primary DC? In AD, all DCs are equal.

Are you referring to DNS? or FSMO roles?

You will need to run adprep /forestprep on the schema master

You will need to run adprep /domainprep  and adprep /domainprep  /gpprep on the infrastructure master.
Mike KlineConnect With a Mentor Commented:
So the steps are the same as for going from 2003 to 2008 as they are from 2008 to 2008 R2 see this question I helped with

Since your current 2008 DCs are 32 bit you need to use adprep32 from the 2008 R2 media.

There is no real backup/primary concept in Active Directory.  I'm guessing you are talking about FSMO roles and those you can transfer


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InfamusAuthor Commented:
Thanks, guys.

What I meant by backup server is "not" a master server since there can be only one master server in AD which holds the schema role.  I'm sorry if I used a wrong term to confuse you guys.  :)

So far as I understand, all I need to do is run "adprep /forestprep" and "adprep /domainprep then rest of the process is the same as promoting a server as DC in a domain, correct?
Joseph MoodyBlogger and wearer of all hats.Commented:
Mike KlineCommented:
except in your case  use adprep32  (since your current DCs are 32 bit)


InfamusAuthor Commented:
Got it!

Thanks guys and I'll make sure to get back to you to assign points.

Give me about a week or so.

InfamusAuthor Commented:

I will be doing this tonight so I will get back to you guys in the morning.

InfamusAuthor Commented:
Need to assign points
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