Internet Explorer constantly wanting to install Adobe Flash

I have this problem on several different computers that I use. Internet Explorer 8 gets into one ore more of the following cases:

Case 1: every site that has flash causes the message "this website wants to install Adobe Flash ...." So I install it. No matter how many times the site is visited, it wants to reinstall. This happens on many websites. Annoying.

Case 2: not only does the above occur, but you get into and endless loop of being unable to install it, going through troubleshooting steps, then around and around, and finally back to the point saying it wants to install it. Needless to say, the website cannot be fully used at all at that point. Not only annoying, but infuriating.

Neither Firefox, Safari, or Chrome have this issue.

Is there a setting that might have some effect on this? If not a setting, then how can it be fixed?

Perhaps needless to say, I only use IE when I am forced to.
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uescompConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try updating your adobe reader, i know it sounds crazy but it has worked before, also uninstall your current flash player and reinstall the latest one, another thing to check is to make sure you are using IEx86 instead of IEx64.

Another thing you can do is reset IE by opening internet explorer, click tools>internet options, delete your temp files and cookies, click the advanced tab, select restore advanced settings and reset, apply the changes, close IE and reopen.
Not clear if you have tried uninstalling FLASH (add/remove program) and reinstalling it fresh from the Adobe download page.  That's what I would do first.
jasimon9Author Commented:
Adobe Reader is up-to-date.

Tried add/remove on flash. I noticed there were two: one called Adobe Flash Player 10 Active X, and the other Adobe Flash Player 10 Plugin. Then reinstalled from Adobe Flash website.

I then went to the website that was last giving me problems, and it loaded without the "websites wants to install ..." nag. So maybe this is a fix.

I will have to see if the solution "sticks". I will also try it on another computer that frequently has the issue, and let you know on both situations.
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jasimon9Author Commented:
It seems that the problem comes back. So either this is not really a fix, or it is a temporary fix for the real underlying problem.
John HurstBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Go here:  to determine what version of Flash you have. If you have V and do not get any errors, that is the latest version.

If this all works, then perhaps it is the website you are using.  ... Thinkpads_User
jasimon9Author Commented:
When I go to that page, I get (except the page puts in commas instead of dots).

I have installed the latest version of flash, as part of the attempts to fix the issue.

I don't think it would be the website, as it happens on many major websites.

Finally, it only happens in Internet Explorer, and not in Safari, Firefox, or Chrome (my main browser).

John HurstBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
I put the dots in instead of commas, so you can ignore that.

Are you installing as Administrator (that is, with Administrative priveleges)?  

Can you post a sample major website here?

Thanks, ... Thinkpads_User
jasimon9Author Commented:
I only use IE for testing that our website is rendering properly in IE, so it could be a while before I would find something during normal use. However, I decided to try some major sites, and sure enough, my first attempt produced the problem: has the issue. I am uploading a screen shot.

Also, please note: as I said before, other browsers do not have this issue. That seems to indicate it is something with IE and Adobe. "Other browsers" in this case means Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

Please note that I have made the window small to avoid revealing confidential information. Also, when you login at, you are redirected to 

Citibank page showing "website wants to load Adobe Flash Player"
John HurstBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
I tried Citicards (I am not a Citicard customer) with Windows 7 / IE9 / Flash and also with XP Pro / IE8 / Flash and both setups worked without error.

Just to confirm, you did install Flash with administrative priveleges?   ... Thinkpads_User
jasimon9Author Commented:
My account has administrator privileges.

To recap part of the issue: uninstall/reinstall fixes the problem. But the problem later on comes back. So if the problem was caused by the account not having administrative privileges, then I would not think that it would act this way (first fixing, then reverting).

But the account does have administrator privileges, so that is not the issue in any case.
jasimon9Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I wanted to update this question with the fact that the problem has regressed, and IE is again asking for the installing of Flash on numerous sites, but it does not seem to install or fix the problem.

Line of least resistance seems to be to ignore the problem as long as you can, and when you can't stand it anymore, to uninstall/reinstall Adobe.

Since nobody has offered anything better, I am going to split points between this comment and the original responder who gave the uninstall/reinstall of flash as part of his comment.
jasimon9Author Commented:
Partial solution because it has to be redone about monthly.
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