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Hello Experts,

My graphic designer did something extraordinary that no one  can figure out. If you go to you will see that when you type something in the Password field, it is blank as opposed to bullets or stars.

He claims that the value property is interfering, but I doubt this. I believe this is a CSS-thing.

Any ideas?
APD TorontoAsked:
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AriMcConnect With a Mentor Commented:
When I type text into the password fields I get bullets with both Firefox 3.6.13 and IE 6.

APD TorontoAuthor Commented:
I use IE8
Dale BurrellConnect With a Mentor DirectorCommented:
I'm getting bullets with chrome... sounds like an IE8 specific hack.
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onemadeyeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
From my side it shows bullet too on IE8 ... so I'm not sure where the problem is
Dale BurrellConnect With a Mentor DirectorCommented:
It should be fairly easy to do though, use a javascript event to catch each keypress, store it in a hidden field, and clear the password field.

Why you would want to do it is another matter though? Personally I like to see that I am entering data.
Your graphic designer may be using some CSS frameworks like Blueprint that tries to level the differences between browsers and accidentally change the behaviour with IE 8. I'd pressure the designer to resolve the issue. I also think it is a CSS thing. Unfortunately I don't have IE 8 installed to check it out with that.

APD TorontoAuthor Commented:
sorry for tthe delay.  Thank you

this is an IE8 issue, changing the font-family for the password field does the trick.
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