oracle change password for user

If i have a user name bill how do i change his password using sql
Brant SnowAsked:
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sventhanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
alter user user_name identified by new_password;

user_name is the user whose password you wish to change.

new_password is the new password to assign.
alter user bill identified by bill  --- bill is the password
if you want to expire the password after the first login....

alter user bill identified by yourpassword password expire
Brant SnowAuthor Commented:
alter user jeff identified by 83ios32S

i do that but i get a
SQL Error: ORA-00922: missing or invalid option
00922. 00000 -  "missing or invalid option"

can a user alter their own password, in other words if i am logged in as jeff can i still alter my password as long as he has the correct priveledges
Brant SnowAuthor Commented:
never mind i just had a bad character in the password i made works great
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