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How long does Rollup 2 for Exchange 2010 SP1 take to install?

How long should Rollup 2 for Exchange 2010 SP1 take?  I have a 2GHz AMD Opteron 246 with 6GB of memory running Win2008R2 Std.  I've disabled all Exchange services, turned off antivirus, turned off DEP except for core services, set a HOSTS file with crl.microsoft.com set to, and turned over CRL revocation checking.  The Rollup has been running for hours with mscorsvw.exe eating 95-100% of the CPU.  Every so often (15 - 20 minutes), mscorsvw.exe errors out and I close it and then it starts back up again.  How long should I expect this to run?  Whenever mscorsvw.exe errors, is it restarting or just continuing on the next .NET assembly?  Any comments would be welcome.  I can be reached at dan@cohnconsultingcorp.com.
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I just installed it on an SBS server - took about 20 minutes.
cohnconsAuthor Commented:
Ouch...  It's been running for 3.5 hours on my system, with about 6 or 7 mscorsvw.exe failures.  

Does anyone know if, after a mscorsvw.exe failure, it restarts the .NET optimization all over again or continues on to the next assembly?  Does anyone know why mscorsvw.exe keeps erroring out?

This is just maddening.  I appliied SP1 without any issues, rebooted, and started to Rollup 2 last weekend.  After 1.5 DAYS, I killed it off but, at that point, OWA, OA, and ActiveSync all were not working (something obviously wrong with the IIS config for Exchange).  Supposedly Rollup 2 will fix this IF you allow it to run to completion.  

But I'm concerned it will never halt (shades of Turing here...).

Any advice from anyone?
It is recompiling new .Net assemblies.  I had the same problem with E2007.  There was a .Net update that I hadn't yet accepted that was making the rollups take several hours to finish - once I'd found the .Net update in the list of updates that I'd ignored, and then accepted it, I found that the rollups were installed in about 15 minutes.
cohnconsAuthor Commented:
LeeDerbyshire:  Thanks for the response.  I ended up having to rebuild the entire server, as OWA, ActiveSync, and OA were all "killed" by SP1 and I couldn't get RU2 to complete.  I installed EXCH2010 with SP1 using the setup.exe /m:recoveryserver switch and was able to get back installed and working.  I'm now just fighting a small SSL issue with OA (but not OWA or ActiveSync).  We will probably avoid Rollup2 until we can run it in a test environment, since we got so nailed by SP1 and RU2.

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