Where can I download a trial or 'test' version of Microsoft Exchange 2003?

I need to brush up on my Exchange 2003 admin skills & I would like to install Exchange 2003 in my very small home 'lab' environment.

I do not have access to a TechNet Pro account at this time.

I have a technical interview next Tuesday, so need this ASAP :)

I have a clean install of Windows Server 2003 on a suitable workstation on which to install Exchange.

Thanks in advance!
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LeeDerbyshireConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Some of the Exchange admin books have a trial version supplied on a CD that accompanies the book.  If you can find an old E2003 admin book, you may find that it has such a CD.  Check before buying, of course.
KenMcFConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Microsoft has discontinued the trial version. The only legal way you will be able to ge this is with a technet subscription. You can get them around $200


TangleWeb2Author Commented:
Yes, I am aware of TechNet subscriptions & it's an amazing deal, but finances do not permit that option at this time.  I'm preparing for a technical interview that hopefully will lead to a job offer, but for now I'm between jobs.
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TangleWeb2Author Commented:
It is good to see that Exchange 2003 Standard is available with TechNet 'Standard'.  I assumed that TechNet Pro would be required for all versions of Exchange.
Yes the with the standard technet subscription only the standard versions of 2003 and 207 are avalible. If you want enterprise edition you will need the professional subscription.
TangleWeb2Author Commented:
This is a difficult grade to assess, as there's no perfect answer.
TangleWeb2Author Commented:
I was able to obtain a version of Exchange 2003 for testing from an associate.

The interview I needed this for has been moved to Thursday, so I have a little more time :)
Okay, good luck!
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