User Joker in linux/fedora

what does mean by joker?
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svsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Like I said, it's just a user name, there should be nothing special about it.  Run that getent command and see for yourself.
It's just a name.

Post more details, like output of
getent passwd | grep joker

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aasheeAuthor Commented:
below is partial output of last command

joker    pts/0        :0.0             Mon Jan 24 10:18 - 10:34 (15+00:15)
joker    pts/3        :0.0             Mon Jan 24 10:17 - 10:17  (00:00)
joker    pts/2        :0.0             Mon Jan 24 10:17 - 10:18  (00:00)
joker    pts/2        :0.0             Mon Jan 24 10:16 - 10:17  (00:00)
joker    pts/1        :0.0             Mon Jan 24 10:00 - 10:18  (00:17)
joker    pts/0        :0.0             Mon Jan 24 10:00 - 10:18  (00:18)
joker    tty7         :0               Mon Jan 24 09:59   still logged in
root     pts/3       abs19.llm.bc. Sat Jan 22 21:51 - 22:16  (00:24)
pflsml   pts/2       Sat Jan 22 21:22 - 22:16  (00:53)
pflsml   pts/2       Sat Jan 22 21:05 - 21:22  (00:17)
pflsml   pts/1       Sat Jan 22 21:02 - 22:16  (01:13)
pflsml   pts/1       Sat Jan 22 16:05 - 16:08  (00:03)
pflsml   pts/1       Sat Jan 22 16:00 - 16:04  (00:04)
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aasheeAuthor Commented:
it doesn't brings anything . getend command doesn't brings anything ?
That's strange, but not worrying.  Can you run
id joker

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aasheeAuthor Commented:
hi svs,

yes this id command shows some results

uid=1034(joker) gid=10058(SS_TS) groups=10058(SS_TS),10005(Domain Users),100

can you please explain me this as well in detail. what does it mean please?
upanwarConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It means that

user joker is having uid=1034 and it belongs to group SS_TS which gid is 10058, user joker also belongs to some other secondary groups "Domain Users, SS-Tipe, SS-LEA, SS-DS, SS-SW"

It seems that user joker is not in local system in "/etc/passwd" but you can check the other authendication database if configured, where user may available.

check the file :

cat /etc/nsswitch.conf

Check the below given value to identify which external source has been configured.

passwd:     files nis
shadow:     files nis
group:      files nis

files= your local system passwd file "/etc/passwd"
nis= NIS server is configured as central authentication database.
Judging by "Domain Users", it's either LDAP or Winbind...
I am guessing the same.
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