reboot a print device remotely

I can remote using a browser to a print device remotely, such as HP 4600 series, 4550series, etc...
buy never seen from where to reboot the print device.
Can you please tell me which HP print devices support remote reboot and where to initiate a reboot ??

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I don't think you will find such a feature on HP printers, since printers generally have hardware power switch. Anyway why you need to reboot printer?

JAN PAKULAICT Infranstructure ManagerCommented:
If you have webmanagement on printer you can usually stick in internet brosser ip address of the printer login to management of printer and restart it from there

With my LaserJet 1320n, the Embedded Web Server provides (via the Settings | Service page) the option to "Restore Factory Settings", with the following description:      
(Note: This will clear all current settings and revert back to factory defaults. This will also cause a Power Cycle of the Device. Your browser session will be temporarily disconnected. Once the reset is complete, you may need to begin a new session.)  

So although you'd get a reboot, you'd lose all 'user-defined' settings , including (probably) any static TCP/IP address.
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jskfanAuthor Commented:

where in the page menu you go to in order to rebbot the print device.?
And what is exactely the name of the button you click to power cycle the device?
Walkthrough, please?
There is no option to just 'reboot the device'.

But (as I described in my earlier post), there is an option to 'Restore Factory Settings".

On the "Settings" tab, choose the "Service" option.
This then offers two choices: "Begin Cleaning Mode" and "Restore Factory Settings".

I haven't tried the latter, but the description indicates that part of the action will be a "Power Cycle".

The reason  I haven't tried it is because I don't want to reset my printer to to factory defaults, and thus lose the default settings (including, probably, the static IP address) that I've set on the device.
jskfanAuthor Commented:
<<The reason  I haven't tried it is because I don't want to reset my printer to to factory defaults, and thus lose the default settings (including, probably, the static IP address) that I've set on the device. >>

that's the hurdle!
I think that some printers MAY support a power-cycle via a PML command.

Attached are two files:

(a) One contains a print job with PML embedded in a PJL command.
The file is attached with an extra .TXT extension to get around E-E attachment checks.
(b) The other contains an analysis of the first file.
If the contents of the '.prn' file are 'sent' to the printer port, it MAY effect a power-cycle (but it has no effect on my LJ1320n).

To send the contents of a file (say 'mytest.prn') to a printer with IP address (say, use the 'lpr' command from a Windows command-prompt session; e.g.:

lpr  -S  -P any  mytest.prn
... and just to demonstrate that embedded PML does work, attached is a different print job (and analysis) which uses PML to invoke the printing of a 'PCL Font List' on the printer.

This one should work on most modern LaserJet printers (except for the cheap 'host-based' ones); it certainly works on my LJ1320n.
I suspect that the reason why one job works and the other doesn't (on my printer) is in the Object Identifiers (OIDs) support by the firmware:

OID=; enumerated value = 350 --> PCL Font List

OID=; enumerated value = 5  --> not supported??

Look for the MIB(s) pertinent to your device(s) to check which OIDs may be supported.
jskfanAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your efforts.
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