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SEO optimization skills – NEED HELP

Hi all

I am trying to see the best way to optimize a website to get the highest  ranking on Google and the two other main search engines , Yahoo and Bing.

I have read a lot about the topic and I know there few important aspects
Such as using common keywords, submitting to search engines .etc
My questions:

1- Some companies charge money 5-30 $ dollars per month claiming they can improve your seo for a domain. One of them is provided by godaddy.com. All what I can see they do is just submit domain details to search engines, something which can be done easily and free of charge.
2- Who to identify common keywords for a particular country, is there particular website to look into to get this information.
Thank you
5 Solutions
Google Trends is a good source for common keywords:

Google Zeitgeits is another data collection source:

There are a few key points to consider other than keywords (keywords don't hold the relevance as they used to).:

1. You should have about 70% text content vs. images per page.
2. Have content that is relevant to your website, don't just fill it with irrelevant content for keywords.
3. Use good page titles, and don't change them (to prevent "dead links" in Google Searches)
4. Make use of alt tags, meta tags, and good code
5. Build good link relationships with other websites similar to your content.

Once you optimize you website, the job isn't finished. To keep good rankings it will be a constant procedure to track the hot keywords, and continue adding link partners. Try to update pages on your site frequently to attract the SearchBots. I know I haven't covered everything, but those are the key points of focus.
Tony McCreathTechnical SEO ConsultantCommented:
Submitting to search engines has no benefit anymore. It's just something pretend SEO firms add to their list to make it look like they are doing something.

The staple tool for keyword research comes from Google:


It gives keyword stats by country.

And as @jeremyjared74 says. Learn about onsite SEO and optimise your website so Search Engines  (and people) love it.
SEO Optimization  is a very, very complex thing that is based upon so many factors.  Depending on a variety of factors, such as difficulty of keyword, amount of links, etc, you can spend months of link building just to get to page 3 or spend 2 hours just to get to position 5, page 1.

First off - DO NOT PURCHASE ANY "SEO FIRM" anything! These people overcharge for tasks that you can do yourself manually or even automated.

A great analogy would be, say you want a paper airplane (a good SERP position).  You can make it (do it yourself) or buy it (purchase a service from a company).  This company, GoDaddy, wants to charge you $30/month and in return you'll recieve TWO, yes TWO paper airplanes every single month you pay. Would you do it?

Now, I'm not saying if you do it manually it will all be free, but some investment reduce MUCH MUCH time.

First of all, if you do not have many hours of learning or time to invest in the project and have money to spend, then waste your money on GoDaddy's services, but if you want it done right and would like some feeling of accomplishment, here's what you must do:

As @Tiggerito said, use the Google Keyword Research tool: https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal .  Find as many keywords that you can related to your "major keyword" (what your site is all about).  Find any keyword that has 100 or more EXACT searches per month.  Write all these down...

BETTER YET - A FREE tool for this (called Keyword Research) is Traffic Travis (http://www.traffictravis.com/).  This will automate the keyword research a little bit plus give you good indicators on how to do it properly --- use their training videos.

Next, you need to start building links using those keywords you found as anchors (the words that are highlighted when you mouse over a link).

I would suggest a tool like SENuke (http://www.senuke.com) (very intuitive) - it does have a price tag (kinda hefty too :/) but they have a 7day trial and if you truly like the software, go for it -- read ALL the videos.... Senuke has the ability to SPIN articles (make 1 article into many unique articles -- but this does require some work) and then submit them to article directories.  These kind of links have high SEO Value.  There are many alternatives to SENuke that are much cheaper and, honestly, much more powerful (Senuke only has like 30 articles directories and other softwares have 500+ and you can add your own), but at the same time have a VERY high learning curve.  Check out (google it) Article Marketing Robot or other stuff.

Another tool is called Scrapebox (http://www.scrapebox.com)-- it spams blogs with a comment that has your link in it.  Now many people don't like tools such as Scrapebox or SENuke because they are considered "Greyhat" (almost spamming in the sense), but these tools are your greatest weapon.  They will NEVER get you in trouble with the law or sued or anything like that, but people "look down upon them".

Scrapebox is very powerful, but not for the faint of heart.  Look at some of the videos and read up upon all of the softwares I told you about.

For more tips, join and read on: http://www.blackhatworld.com ... its is a very informative forum all about making money and SEO.

Enjoy :)
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Bernard S.CTOCommented:
Except if you are a SEO guru, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER use black hat or even grey hat techniques.

Why? I am not considering the moral aspect, just the bu$ine$$ aspect: black hat or grey hat techniques will probably fail at some major engine change, and your site will then dive deep down the results pages. Not that the engine change was meant at you, but at some black hat or grey hat technique

B-) the recent Google change has nuked down most articles farms, and thus links from these farms have lost almost all their power...

As for spamming sites with contents that link to your site, I personally would recommend not to do it, but I am sure that some sites could have some benefit from it.

My personal suggestion: build your site to please and attract human visitors. In almost all cases, this will have a positive effect on your SE engine ranking
... with ONE (or more precisely 2) BIG EXCEPTION: although flash-only and javascript-only sites are great for visitors, they are poor for spiders and indexers, since they cannot read flash (or javascript) text content (so there is nothing indexable in the page), and even not flash or javascript navigation (so they do not know that there are other pages to spider then index).
For a good optimization
First analysis the website with common keywords along with your competitiors.
i used the two softwares 1.Traffic Travis 2. Internet Business Promoters.
They are very helpful in find the most common keywords, competitors, pagerank analysis, keyword ranks etc..
1. Use the keywords in your title in H1 or H2 tags, In subtitles, in contents, in footers and as image alt tags.
2. The keywords should present atleast in three places in the particular page
3. Provide internal links for the pages
4. Provide external links
5. Generate robots and sitemap and submit to google webmasters
6. Submit your sites to top directories , write articles, create pages in Facebook , twiter and provide more social media links
7.publish your news blogs in social media

Sure there will be a good changes.

As suggested by Netlock, SEnuke and scrapbox are good tools, but until you know what you are going to do,it will not help. I have used Senuke,Scaprbox Xrummer,SE Robot, Magic Submittor, Sick submitter, Artilce Marketing Robot many others. They all are like very poweful tool and gives fast output.

The thing is, you should learn the basics of optimization,research and develop yourself . If you are not  sure about how backlinks affects your site ranking for a particular keyword, you will be wasting time and money of those tools. Do not expect  Senuke's 15 days trial to make some dramatic changes in your ranking. it will take 15-20 days for your to learn how that software works.

your best bet would be learn the basics, try try and try with good techniques. for start go for white hat and manual process. it will be time consuming but will work for sure.

for your convenient, here is a guide to SEO by google. read it, understand it and if you get it, you will do good.

Jeff PerkinsOwnerCommented:
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