why did my pc not reboot

ok i have an evga 790i, 8g corsair dominator ram, 2 x zotac 460 video cards in sli, 2 x Seagate 1tb hard drives, pioneer blue ray burner, x-fi titanium fatality sound card, thermaltake black widow 850 power suppl. This morning the pc went into sleep mode & didn't come out when i moved the mouse & keyboard. Upon restart it did not boot not even a beep. after 4 tries it booted & said the memory timings were off & to reset them by hitting f1. the computer then started with the proper timings (i didn't reset them) & is running now. i have not been able to duplicate this error again. They have been at the same timing since the build during Christmas. i have 4, 2 gig corsair dominators running at 9-9-9-24.  will check to make sure and edit this if im wrong in one hour. thanks ed
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nobusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
>>  . I noticed allot of static   <<  very bad fo electronic parts !
what you should do, is put an anti - static mat on the floor around the pc - and verify it is well grounded.
you have to solve that anti-static problem first - or you'll loose many more parts
Nice machine.  First suspect in my book would be the power supply - even though it is highly rated.

Maybe it won't happen again (gremlins), but if it gets so it won't start at all, first try another P/S.
EtrixAuthor Commented:
sjklein42:Thanks for the machine props I tested the power supply with a ps tester, but that doesn't mean it's not going. I have another one just like it in another machine. I was going to swap them but don't want to take the chance.I just checked the settings on the side of the memory. It says 7-8-7-20 1.65v ver.7.1. I  Remember there being an issue with the default memory setting & these are the settings others with this mobo were using. 9-9-9-24 with a slight voltage increase for stability.
I'll try to find the threads I was reading. Thanks Ed
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Maybe you must to try to change the Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) on BIOS.
Select Power Management Setup from the CMOS Setup Utility menu and press Enter to display the Power Management Setup menu.

ACPI function [Enabled]
APCI Suspend Type [S1&S3]

You must to play with this values, enabled the ACPI function, and change the value to S1 to S3 and both. If this not works, disable the acpi functions, probably you system consume much energy and this affects the configuration of the ACPI.
i would look first if the PS can handle the load  - calculate what you need here :
look also up the correct settings (timing AND voltage)  for your Ram
it looks like a power sypply problem, but can also come from the mobo - if it comes back, i would test with another PS first
you can alos look for bad capacitors on the mobo (near the cpu) - looking  swollen or leaking
EtrixAuthor Commented:
plus_ec: & nobus: , Thanks fro the repies. I will try these suggestions this afternoon when I get home.
nobus, can't wait to calculate my power needs.
also - note that powersupply output decrease over the years - mostly due to capacitor aging
EtrixAuthor Commented:
Good morning. I calculated my power supply needs & these are the results. minumum 497w recomended 547. I have 850w. Last night I lost my sound card & 1 usb port. I noticed allot of static
electricity from the cat. I had the lights down low during a game, and saw the small sparks in back when she went by behind the computer. I'm now wearing my anti static wrist strap because I'm totaly parinoid about losing more hardware. Should I open a new question or is this related? I also lost a motherboard last week on a different pc which is under the same desk. Both have there own $50.Belkin surge protectors & are pluged into seperate outlets but on the same breaker. Please help I have an i7 & Asus mobo being over nighted today. Pleeeeeeease. :-(
plus_ecConnect With a Mentor Commented:
To solve that anti-static problem, you must to disarm all parts of your pc and leave all parts rest for a minimum of 2 days. After that, you should to do what ''nobus'' says.
The best way to avoid static on parts is leaving rest and put an anti-static during rest.
EtrixAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much. I'm going to use my laptop in a different area of the house & order an anti static mat or two. Then put some anti static tile in that corner. Should I get an anti static clean (hasmat) suit & build a negative pressure clean room? Not. lol
Thanks for saving my hardware.
what a nonsense - and he even got points for it..lol
EtrixAuthor Commented:
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