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aix mount point celerra device issue. mount point bad directory

Posted on 2011-02-19
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-11-17
Hello, we have an fs from Celerra device from storage team that is mounted on aix.
But we are having issues with it now.

It seems to me the issue is from storage side on celerra device. but can someone provide some insight on the issue, of what seems to be wrong herre.

 # df -g /mnt/mksysb
Filesystem    GB blocks      Free %Used    Iused %Iused Mounted on
df: /mnt/mksysb: Missing file or filesystem

# lsfs /mnt/mksysb
Name            Nodename   Mount Pt               VFS   Size    Options    Auto Accounting
/mksysb smagrn101 /mnt/mksysb            nfs   --      rw,bg,hard,intr yes  no

am i using the correct way to mount this nfs, do i have to use special flags to mount celerra device?

# mount /mnt/mksysb
mount: access denied for smagrn101:/mksysb
mount: giving up on:
Permission denied

what does this error mean?
# cd /mnt/mksysb
ksh: /mnt/mksysb: bad directory

Other mountpoints fs from the celerra device smagrn101 are working fine and are accessible.

The issue of this filesystem /mnt/mksysb from Celerra device not being accessible is impacted on all servers.
Question by:assistunix
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Accepted Solution

woolmilkporc earned 2000 total points
ID: 34934274

I think the initial issue originated from your Celerra box.

Did you take offline (umount) /mksysb on Celerra? Did you apply some kind of maintenance to this share (fsck or the like)? Maybe it's full?

Anyway, umount /mnt/mksysb on AIX using "umount -f /mnt/mksysb"

Don't worry if the prompt doesn't come back, wait some time, then hit Ctl-C.
Check with "mount" if it's still there, if necessary repeat the umount command several times.

Check with "showmount -e smagrn101" if the FS is still exported.
Check with "rpcinfo -s smagrn101" if NFS is OK there (portmapper, nfs, nlockmgr, mountd).

If anything seems wrong fix it on the Celerra box (that's up to you, obviously),
if all is OK (again) try to mount the share on AIX:

mount /mnt/mksysb

or use the long form:

mount smagrn101:/mksysb /mnt/mksysb

Any error messages? Any success?



Author Comment

ID: 34934525
Mount and df commands are both supposed to show the mounted file systems, is that correct? however there seems to be a contradiction below.
See below.

# mount | grep /mnt/mksysb
smagrn101 /mksysb      nfs3   Nov 19 20:23 rw,bg,hard,intr

 # df -g /mnt/mksysb
Filesystem    GB blocks      Free %Used    Iused %Iused Mounted on
df: /mnt/mksysb: Missing file or filesystem

# cd /mnt/mksysb
ksh: /mnt/mksysb: bad directory
I ran the unmount /mnt/mksysb command, after which got the following outputs.

# mount | grep /mnt/mksysb
# df -g /mnt/mksysb
Filesystem    GB blocks      Free %Used    Iused %Iused Mounted on
/dev/hd4           0.50      0.39   22%     2612     3% /
# mount /mnt/mksysb
mount: access denied for smagrn101:/mksysb
mount: giving up on:
Permission denied

It seems as if prior to unmounting /mnt/mksysb, i was able to see /mnt/mksysb in mount output and not df output, it seemed to have been in hung state.
now after unmounting it, i can't see it at all in either mount or df command.
and i am unable to mount it either, please advise.
# showmount -e smagrn101| grep /mksysb
/mksysb            ,,,,,,,,,,,

above output does not give me name of the servers, so not sure how to determine if it's exported correctly and how to match these numbers to servers.

Here is the info for rpcinfo -s smagrn101, not sure how to read it or if it's correct.

# rpcinfo -s smagrn101
   program version(s) netid(s)                         service     owner
    102660  1         tcp,udp                          -
 536870919  1,3       udp,tcp                          -
 824395111  1         udp,tcp                          -
    100021  4,1,2,3   tcp,udp                          nlockmgr
    100011  1         udp,tcp                          rquotad
 536870914  1         tcp,udp                          -
    100024  1         tcp,udp                          status
    100003  3,2       tcp,udp                          nfs
    140391  1         udp                              -
    100005  1,2,3     udp,tcp                          mountd
    100000  2         tcp,udp                          portmapper
LVL 68

Assisted Solution

woolmilkporc earned 2000 total points
ID: 34934662
>> Mount and df commands are both supposed to show the mounted file systems <<

df shows mounted filesystems primarily in respect to filesystem properties, mount shows mounted filesystems in respect to mount characteristics.

See the difference in the output you posted to shed some light on this!

After umounting "mount" doesn't show anything - sure, it's unmounted.

"df", on the other hand, when used with a path, like in your example "df /mnt/mksysb" shows the potential mount point in the "/" filesystem.
"Mounted on: /" and "Filesystem:/dev/hd4" tell you that the filesystem is not mounted, otherwise you would have read: "Mounted on: /mnt/mksysb" and "Filesystem: smagrn101:/mksysb".

So be vigilant when using "df" with a path parameter. Don't confuse mounted filesystems and mountpoints (see above). Better use "df" alone, maybe with "grep", as you did with "mount"!

OK, so umounting fully succeeded, that's good. What you saw afterwards is perfectly normal!

Now for mounting:

First, rpcinfo looks good. All required programs are registered with portmap.
NFS on smagrn101 is OK.

showmount shows that /mksysb is exported from smagrn101.

>> does not give me name of the servers <<

That's because the export configuration on the Centerra box has been made up using IP addresses instead of hostnames.

Find out the IP of your AIX host, use e.g. "netstat -in" or "host $(hostname)" or "ifconfig -a". There are countless ways do do this.

Check if this IP is mentioned in the showmount output, check if the netmask is correct (the thing following the IP after the slash).

Find the netmask in hex notation in ifconfig's output, or in decimal with "lsattr -El enx", with "enx" being the interface from the first column of ifconfig or netstat.

Is it there/correct?



Author Comment

ID: 34940736
Thank you. i was able to mount it again, after the issue was fixed on Celerra device from SAN side.

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