creating groups using VBA

I have provided the fields that I am using and what I need returned.  I need to organize 12 students into two project teams using their birthday (year is not important) I need to use If/Then  statements for project 1 to categorize the people into two groups born Jan1-June 30th marking them as "Group 1" and then categorize the people born July 1-Dec 30 as "Group 2".  they need to be called in column called in the project 1 column.  For project 2 I need to use select case statement.  "Group A" for this project should include people born January 1-March 31, "Group B" should include people born April 1-June 30.... etc.  

Last Name	First Name	Birthday	UID     	Project 1 team      Project 2 team
Doe      	John     	9/25/1973	U16253817		
Doe     	Jane     	8/2/1982	U55990265		
Doe     	Juile     	7/26/1986	U28098838		
Doe     	Joe     	12/22/1973	U55098179		
Doe     	Jessica     	11/25/1970	U42647584		
Doe     	Jole     	12/20/1979	U79697656		
Doe     	Jumper     	1/13/1971	U73549073		
Doe     	Justin     	5/7/1984	U69504570		
Doe     	Joel     	6/1/1975	U44076419		
Doe     	Jule     	5/2/1983	U61142789		
Doe     	Jeep     	5/7/1978	U11856501		
Doe     	Jolie     	4/3/1987	U17426253

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Try this:

Option Explicit

Sub ArrangeGroups()
    Dim iLoop As Integer, Month As Integer
    For iLoop = 2 To 13
        Month = DatePart("M", Worksheets("Sheet1").Cells(iLoop, 3).Value)
        If Month < 7 Then
            Worksheets("Sheet1").Cells(iLoop, 5).Value = "X"
            Worksheets("Sheet1").Cells(iLoop, 6).Value = "X"
        End If
End Sub

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maudetteAuthor Commented:
No need for VBA. Here is a sample attached.

If your data is from say cell A1 to F13 then this formula will go

in E2


and this

in F2



maudetteAuthor Commented:
Please Close
maudetteAuthor Commented:
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