How to generate threads simultaneously to write to a file in an exclusive manner

Hello Experts,

I am writing a multi-threaded application which generates 10 threads simultaneously and then calls a method to write to a file in an exclusive manner i.e. One thread at a time. How do I do this?
Can I use ThreadPool to do this? If so, how do I go about implementing this?

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George K.Commented:

You can wait for another thread to end with Join method:
static void Main()
  Thread myt = new Thread (executecode);
  Console.WriteLine ("thread myt is finished");
static void executecode()
 ... do someting here....;
George K.Commented:
You can also use:

Thread.Sleep (500);                     //  500 milliseconds
fantasylanAuthor Commented:
Hi georgekl,

I am generating these threads simultaneously.
I think join is more reliable and faster than using sleep but this doesnt solve my problem,
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The 'Thread' class should work fine and you need to synchronize your file writing method, so that only one thread writes to the file at any given time.  Something like this:

private File _myFile = new File();

public void WriteMyFile()
    lock (_myFile)
        // Write to your file (only one thread at a time).
        // Other threads will wait on the 'lock' until the block is completed

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fantasylanAuthor Commented:
Hi wdosanjos

How do I indicate to the other waiting threads?
You don't need to indicate to them, they'll automatic wait on the 'lock' once they hit it and another thread is already in the 'lock' block.
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