Help with gradients. Is there an EE site for help with graphics?

I'm stuck on a logo problem.  I made a logo I love - but it's on a white background.  When I try to make a version on a black background - I'm screwed.  I'm not a graphic designer and I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong.

I bet a graphics expert could tell me why my logo looks awful on black background.  I'm sure it's because I don't understand perspective of something.

Can an expert here help me?  Or is there another site like EE for these aesthetic type questions?

I've attached a picture to show my dilemma.

The company is in the wire and cable business.  The actual background of the web site will be GREY.  

thanks. logo example
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George K.Commented:
It seems that the software you use to achieve this is reversing colors not just changing the background to black.
George K.Commented:
Normally you have to define the colos used when "reversing".

I 'd also add some white shadow at least for the outer circle in a black background
What software are you  using?
George K.Commented:
In the white background there is only
Iis this how youy realy want it?

Because on the black background there seems some more text like (need deleteion?)
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aprillougheedAuthor Commented:
Hi.  Sorry I confused us ... I cut off the words because I'm only concerned with the graphic.  Guess I should have left off words completely.

I made the graphic part of the logo in Adobe Illustrator CS5.  Then I exported the file to Adobe Photoshop CS5 to make the graphic for the web.

I have trouble with Adobe Illustrator - but it does seem to work best for logo vectors.  Also when I exported - I lost the "paths".

I've "self-taught" myself so maybe I do things the wrong way.  :)  Seems I'm constantly fighting Illustrator CMYK to RGB.  I work with a lot of dark red colors for my clients and CMYK always looks better.  I've spent months fiddling with red logo gradients.  

Anyway.  Sounds like you know a lot about graphics.  I've never heard of "reversing" before.  Hope you can tell me more.

Finally, I'm not sure I have the best red gradients on the white background example.  I just played around for two or three hours until I saw something that "hit me".  I do not know what I'm doing.  I just know when I get something that makes me "feel" good.  It is very time consuming.

I'm always amazed at how talented some people are with graphics.  :)

I sure appreciate your help.  thanks.
George K.Commented:

Check this link:

From Adobe Photoshop help:
Inverse colors
If the text is on a transparent background, then go to Edit > Fill...

For the contents, use White, and check the Preserve Transparency box at the bottom. Click ok, and that should do it!

Invert colors
The Invert adjustment inverts the colors in an image. You can use Invert as part of the process of making an edge mask to apply sharpening and other adjustments to selected areas of an image.

Note: Because color print film contains an orange mask in its base, the Invert adjustment cannot make accurate positive images from scanned color negatives. Be sure to use the proper settings for color negatives when scanning film.
When you invert an image, the brightness value of each pixel in the channels is converted to the inverse value on the 256-step color-values scale. For example, a pixel in a positive image with a value of 255 is changed to 0, and a pixel with a value of 5 is changed to 250.

Do one of the following:

Click the Invert icon  in the Adjustments panel.
Choose Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Invert. Click OK in the New Layer dialog box.
Note: You can also choose Image > Adjustments > Invert. But keep in mind that this method makes direct adjustments to the image layer and discards image information.

You can try adjusting the black like in my example. I remade your logo. I know it isn't exact, but I thought it was close enough to show you.

I am sending the PDF of the file also. If you want you can open it in Adobe Illustrator by right clicking and choosing open with Adobe Illustrator. It will have full edit capabilities.

A tip so you don't loose your paths. Open Illustrator and go to Edit>Preferences and familiarize yourself with the settings. Somewhere in there there is an option to save as a copy when saving to other versions. If not, when you save as (PDF, JPG, PNG, etc...) it will be that format if you leave it open and edit it again. Then when you save it, it has no paths.

I never save for web using Illustrator. I always open my .ai files in Photoshop for saving to web.

I hope that helps. Example Sameple.pdf

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Did you catch the line in her question where she said that the actual background will be gray?

Open in new window

No I didn't.

I wasn't sending the file for use. I sent it as an example of how to set it up so it is easier to edit the colors. Thanks for pointing that out though. I tried to do a screencast, but I gave up after doing it 2 times and it failed 2 times.
aprillougheedAuthor Commented:
I am so sorry about my slow response.  Came down with a bit of the flu.

I'm really torn about how to award points as so many worked so hard.

I will divide up the points as fairly as possible.

You all did a fantastic job.

aprillougheedAuthor Commented:
Wish I could have awarded 500 points to both solutions.
It's OK, I don't do this for the points. I'm glad I could help.
It's OK, I don't do this for the points. I'm glad I could help.
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