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I have an existing Wordpress site with a fairly large database.  I want to redesign with new theme, categories etc.  I have created a sub domain to do redeisign, should I use same database as existing site or create new database?  Then I am not sure how to make the new sub domain become old domain but with new look.

Not sure how best do this with little downtime to live site. Advice? Thank you
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Sudaraka WijesingheConnect With a Mentor Web Application ProgrammerCommented:
It's not a good practice to point your test/development web site and the production web site to the same database in general.

Like andreizz mentioned you can use a simple DB or a separate copy of your production DB for your development site.

When you are finally ready to go live with the new web site, you can simply change the the site is using on the wp-config.php file (and change the DNS of cause), Or copy your new theme directory to the production site and activate it there.

However, If you install any new plugins or updates that changes the DB structure you will need to install them again in the production site.
andreizzConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You don't need your old database, just use a fresh install one, that has 1 comment and 1 article to test your css and design, or you could use a empty one and create 1 element from each category so you can view how to customize everyting.
kerreAuthor Commented:
@Wizard, I've got my sub domain, installed new DB and WP, but then can I import DB from existing site so I can really alter categories, look & feel?    The existing site's database is huge so I would only import a small part of it via Php My Admin.  Get the sub site looking right.  Then add that new theme to existing site.  But not clear on how to get the existing site to look like the test sub domain site.

I'm not making any sense am I?  Sorry :(
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Sudaraka WijesingheWeb Application ProgrammerCommented:
You can copy table between two databases as explained in here http://www.mywinkb.com/copying-tables-between-mysql-database-with-phpmyadmin/
Well when you work on the subsite, make a new theme(copy an old one and rename) and when you are done and all is good on the subsite, just copy that new theme in your existing's site theme directory and activate it from admin panel, it's that easy.

You did the part with the database perfectly.
kerreAuthor Commented:
Ok, almost there.  When I upload new theme from sub domain to existing site, do I also import via Php Myadmin the new database?  I don't understand how all the redesign I've done in sub domain would make it onto the existing site, unless I changed the WP-config, but then that would reflect an almost empty database and not the existing big one I want to keep?

Jason C. LevineNo oneCommented:
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