Preparing for life.

Our personal experiences are all different. So my question is not to easy to answer but here it is.

How can one best prepare one's self for all the events that we encounter during our lives?

Many will know that I am an atheist however let me assure all believers that if you express your view that your religion is important to you in that preparation for life's event I will accept what you write as it is and respect those views.

I am asking the question as I am interested in your responses.

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How does one best prepare for life?  One can read the experiences others have had, learn from them and apply the lessons to yourself.  As a Christian, the best lessons are the ones Jesus taught, and which are reiterated elsewhere in the New Testament.   For example, on the surface, one may experience pain and weakness when sick.  However, Christians are comforted in their times of troubles by God, and then we can comfort others when they go through similar circumstances.  What seems bad on the surface can be turned to a good thing, knowing there is purpose behind it, and we cannot always know or understand why some things are happening to us, but we can know that God works things out for the good of those who love him.  That is straight from Romans 8:28.
you cant prepare for life, it are just too many variables and unkoiwns, just enjoy it.
I believe the best you can know is that you are loved by God / life / nature / the Universe whatever you may want to call it, even in situations you don't see that (yet) which means having trust in life and what it brings.
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I have to take some issue with the question, but hopefully that will draw out more specifics from you.  You don't prepare for life, because life isn't a one time event.  You prepare a presentation, you prepare a dinner, you prepare your excuse once the cop pulls you over.  But those are all things which after preparing, you do it, you're done, you move on.  You could prepare in this life for what happens when you die, but you can't prepare for life.  You can only live it.
(Though we can prepare for a new life to join us, that too is a different story.)

So I'm mostly with _iskywalker_ .  You don't prepare for life, you live it.  You may make general long-term plans and aim for those goals, but the more carefully you plan the details, the more a bump in the road will throw everything off.

You want religion?  I got your religion (well, religious culture) right here:
"Man plans, God laughs."

patrickabAuthor Commented:
>You don't prepare for life, you live it.

Well that certainly avoids answering the question.
I think that some thinks realy can prepare us for Live better. Education and social position can have influence for that, but domething which is from main importance is the character, the positive qualities, virtues like patience, hardiness, calmness, which can help us to cross the difficulties and the danger.
And this is not only depending wheder you believe in God or not, and this is something which I thing even in the modern psyhology is valuable.
Inner balance make us strong.
I'm with Carnou in that one can prepare for events like exams, but life is hard to perceive in that way. I would say though, to try and answer the question, that there are 2 ways.

Know what life is , and keep trying to know more.

Become skilled and proficient not just in knowledge but in things that will sustain you when things beyond your control like economic recessions could affect your ability to live at a peaceful level. But by that i do not imply horde wealth because that can kill a spirit.

More esoterically, find what you love and just do that then life will not be able to touch so much, and believe like the parable says,

Look at the birds of the air: they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more  value than they?
patrickabAuthor Commented:
Thanks to all for your contributions
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