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How do I reduce game lag
Calvin TurnerAsked:
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OK - the multiplayer lag is a well known issue with Black Ops,  Treyarch are still working on it for PC users although it seems better for console players.
There's a bundle of workarounds but IMHO they are just tweaking it 'round the edges - anyway have a look at a few of these:

As far as COD MW2 goes that may be more a reflection of your actaul connection but you could try changing your CPU priority for Steam to see if that helps (it should make the game appear more stable in any event!).

For Black Ops after launching the game press alt-tab & then ctrl-alt-del to bring up the Task Manager

on the 'Processes' tab

Right-click steam.exe *32 and set priority to 'Low'

For Black Ops:

Right-click BlackOpsMP.exe *32 and set priority to'High'

You may find this helps with MW2 but this is really "Smoke and mirros" it stabilises the games behaviour on your PC and so compensates for the lag on the server which is just the same.

from e how;
game pro
from techspot by jesse
- keep all drivers up to date
- set your pagefile to a fixed size like 1024min/1024max, and put it on a different drive than the one where you have windows installed
- put your pagefile on your fastest harddrive
- defragment your harddrive(s)
- disable unnessesary drivers and windows services
- close background applications/processes
- turn down audio quality in-game or disable audio
- disable antialias and anisotropic filtering
- lower your resolution
- lower texture resolution
- get a better cooler and overclock your system
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
>>How do I reduce game lag

Depends on what you're playing, on what machine and with what connection.  

As loopfinity shows, the generic answer is: don't ask so much from your system and/or improve settings etc.; but exactly what is needed will depend on your individual situation.  What would be helpful is a couple of examples of games you're having problems with.  What kind of connection you have to the Internet, whether you connect directly to it or via a network router, and the specifications of your PC (especially the graphics card, chipset or if you're using a branded PC the make and model).
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Calvin TurnerAuthor Commented:
Game examples are: COD Modern Warefare 2 - Minor lag Multiplayer
Black Ops - Extreme Lag Multiplayer
I have changed game settings as suggested. Updated Graphic driver nvidia 8600GT
Internet through network router. speed test shows very good.
I do not know how to set pagefile?
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Which Windows version & make/model of PC?
Did you update DirectX at the same time you updated you graphics drivers?
Calvin TurnerAuthor Commented:
Calvin TurnerAuthor Commented:
Is this what your asking? I'm not a computor genius

Intel (R) Core (TM) 2 Quad CPU
Q6600 @ 2.40 GHz
2.39 GHz, 1.96 GB Ram

Window XP Pro
I see you said speed test "shows very good" what speed test are you running?
Also are you connected via wireless? Is anyone else in your house using the internet while you're playing. Your computer specs are pretty good for running the games mentioned, it wouldn't hurt to upgrade the ram at some point. Have you turned down the graphics settings in the games for testing purposes? If so does the lag go away when you do?
Calvin TurnerAuthor Commented:
my internet provider is shaw cable. I ran their speed test. I am not wireless but other computors in the house are running wireless off my router. I have tried shutting them off while playing Black ops and does not help. I have tried turning down the graphic setting too. There is no lag in single player.
I tried running a FPS program that says I should be over 30 FPS. I'm getting from 40 to 60 FPS but still very jumpy and lagy.
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Are you playing Black Ops though Steam?
You could try running a speedtest on but, I found this article, seems you are not alone with this issue
Calvin TurnerAuthor Commented:

Yes I am runnung thru steam.
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
I think what MASQUERAID said seems like the right move, I saw it posted on some other forums about the issue. I remember I avoided buying this game for the PC due to the bad reviews. I went with Battlefield 2 instead.
Calvin TurnerAuthor Commented:
I have tried adjustments to steam Priority. It Helps COC MWF2 but black ops is still terrible. I guess I wait for a game fix.
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