recommendations on a POE/Qos Switch

I need some advice on a good POE/Qos switch.  Nothing over glorified....just something rather simple for a network of about 20 to 30 computers.

Any great experiences preferred.

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WissamSenior Network EngineerCommented:
if it is for desktop computers, you can for mid-range (2960 PoE) switches, lower end like the 500 series are cheaper but doesn have many features, and no cli mode for configurations, you would be stuck with the gui pre-setup settings. If the switch would be for servers (higher end) we can talk about 3560 / 3750 switches.
what really is important for you is to know the PoE capcity required, some devices (ip phones) would need a 7.4 watt per port, some others would reach 15.4 watt, so you need to validate the total power required on all ports in order to pick the right poe switch

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The above scenario is 100% answered your issue,,
and i'll add another point: which is your budget, all mentioned models above can serve you,,
but what minimize your options and help on your decision is how much your budget flexible ..

for me i'll choose 3560
I've had good experiences with Dell switches.
Take a look at the PowerConnect 3524P
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You mentioned you plan on using VLANs to divide the traffic?  For the number of devices you are talking about it's not a huge deal, but you will need to define the QoS policy's on either the router or get a layer 3 switch and set them their.  I would suggest using a cheaper switch and put on the config on the router.  That just makes it easier to troubleshoot later.

I think the Dell stuff sucks.....just my opinion.

If you've got something like an ASA5505 as your gateway then a managed layer2 switch is all you need.
WissamSenior Network EngineerCommented:
correct Rick_at_ptscinti, however we did not answer al4629740, what he is connecting on these switches really matters, for me if the budget is available i would go with the 3560 PoE switches in case cascading/stacking would not be raised in a later stage thus am having all features and am not overloading the switch, having a small switch with less poe power is prone to get defective in earlier time, 2960 would still be an option to consider in case only IP Phones / access points connectivity and no L3 functionality is needed or forseen to be needed in future.
What we really care about is the sum of PoE required on the switch to give exact part number
al4629740Author Commented:
How hard is it to configure those switches?  I don't have much experience with them.
WissamSenior Network EngineerCommented:
Configuration is pretty straight forward

you are required to set a password to access the switch, configure the vlans (one data, one voice if required), assign the vlans to interfaces (depending on your access ports, if same port will be used for data and voice), and an ip address to configure the switch remotely, qos configurations can be configured automatically by using enabling (auto-QoS), additionnaly configure hostname for the device is an optional task.
One big question is if you are going to use the in and out ports on the phones or are you going to use a dedicated porys for phones.  That effects how you setup the ports.

Setting up switches to do QoS properly is the challenge.  The difficulty is really the same regardless of model of device.

Do you already have a firewall?  If so, what is it?
al4629740Author Commented:
We are going to use the ports exclusively for one purpose.  Either phone or computer will be directly connected.  No firewall
Then you need a switch that can provide a 3500.  Most all layer2 switches support tagging, but do NOT have a queueing mechanism to actually prioritize the traffic.  So the traffic is isolated but not prioritized without the queueing.
al4629740Author Commented:
Is that a difficult switch to setup?  for a novice
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