SBS 2008 migrating from SBS2003 - Pop3 connector SBS2008 does not show user mailboxes

I am busy migrating a SBS2003 to SBS20008.
At the SBS20008 I have to create a pop3 connector for several users
I do the following:

   1.      Open the Windows SBS Console.
   2.      On the navigation bar, click Network.
   3.      Click the Connectivity tab.
      The list view displays information about your network connections.
   4.     In the list view, click POP3 Connector.
   5.      In the Tasks pane, click View POP3 Connector properties. The Windows SBS POP3 Connector Properties page appears.
   6.      To view a list of POP3 e-mail accounts that connect to user mailboxes on your server, click the Accounts tab. On the Accounts tab, you can perform the following actions:
          * To map a new POP3 account to a mailbox on your server, click Add.

I fill in the pop3 server, pop3 account, password  and then drop down the user mailbox dropdown.

But I don't see any mailboxes there.  What to do to see those mailboxes?
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SterlingMcClungConnect With a Mentor Commented:
That article would be appropiate if you are unable to see the users in the Console itself, but the wizard you are talking about in this question relates more to Exchange users on the SBS 2008 server.
howartAuthor Commented:
I found this:
Is this the solution  changing the roles for the migrated users?
Have you already migrated the user mailboxes to SBS2008, or are they still on SBS2003?  At what point of the migration are you and what documentation are you using?
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howartAuthor Commented:
After applying the change user roles wizard I see them in the drop down.
But i get error MessagingManagement  when applying this wizard.
howartAuthor Commented:
Where can I find the events from pop3 connector on SBS 2008
howartAuthor Commented:
MY atricle was ok
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