Using 2 external monitors in extended mode on Windows 7 from Macbook Pro Laptop?

Hello experts!

My setup:
I have a Macbook Pro which has ONE of those strange output connections that needs an adapter to make it "standard" dvi output. I do not have an adapter like that but I could easily get one if I need to.
I run Bootcamp and Windows 7. Everything is working fine.

What I want to achieve:
# I want to be able to hook up 2 monitors to the Laptop, NOTE: which only has ONE dvi output.
# I also do NOT want them to mirror the same screen output. I want them to show different parts of the desktop.
# I also need to physically place the monitors above eachother,
# and I also need to rotate the bottom monitor
...which means that I have to rotate / flip the bottom monitor output
# together they should display the full desktop correctly

See my attached explaining picture!!!

2 Questions:
1. Please give me any advice on how to achieve the above setup!
( Any software, external devices / adapters etc etc. A cheap solution would be prefereable of course, but price is not the key decider here. I need something that works and works well. )
2. If / when I can hook the laptop up to work like this... then exactly WHAT will be displayed on the Laptop itself while it is in this display mode??? will it display an upside down badly distorted desktop? or what?

Thank you very much in advance!

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NiklasMollerConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
ok! thanks for that additional option
however, as I understand it, the Matrox treats all screens as ONE big screen... therefore I dont think it would be possible to flip/rotate only one of them... but of course I could be wrong
dont think I am willing to risk it though.

My currently "best" solution seems to be:
- connect 1 external monitor to DisplayPort on Macbook Pro output
- buy a "USB to DVI adapter" to connect screen nr 2. Flip the output of that one...

do you see any problems with above solution or would it be the way to go?
jamietonerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I'm not a mac expert by far but pcs with the same hardware can run 2 external monitors but you'll lose the laptop display as the video card only supports 2 displays at a time. If you want all 3 you ll need a usb adapter, the evga adapters are the best as they have thier own onboard memory but will still use the cpu for processing and can negativly impact performance. No 3rd party software is requird for what you want.
NiklasMollerAuthor Commented:
thanks for helping out!

Please be more specific/explain more carefully. I dont understand from your short explanation how I can make this happen.
and please post example url links to devices or anything that I could use!

thanks again
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Try thus link for infformation on mac displays - just looking for something I know exists for MacBook::
NiklasMollerAuthor Commented:
Ok thanks for the links... but do NOTE that i am not running OSX.
I am using the Macbook Pro hardsware, but running Windows 7 OS.
if that in any way would chang the advice / tips you give me?

ha ha, oh yeah.. ..believe it or not that actually makes it easier :) more options working with windows...

Try that ink above,I think that the matrox software should give you all the options you need. You will need mini-displayport (MacBook) to displayport converter to plug into the matrox box.  Check it out - specifically make sure that you can set the monitors it the config in your diagram.
Also look at this device, although, not sure if it will give you the control over the rotation you need, this is dependent on how windows 7 will see the additional monitors.
roylongConnect With a Mentor Commented:
That sounds like the easiest option; then just use the control panel in windows 7 (display) to flip the screen.
NiklasMollerAuthor Commented:
I summed up the suggestions given to me
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