My images are showing up TINY in IE..can someone help me fix it?

Hi There,
ON this page here 
You will see some images that are showing up.

In IE some are TINY and I can't sort out why.

Can someone help me fix this?
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Amanda WatsonWeb DeveloperAsked:
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LAMASEConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The problem is caused by smartload script, i suppose (didn't read the compressed code) it is used for the effect in showing the image.
If you can, put the image size in html or disable this script.
Amanda WatsonWeb DeveloperAuthor Commented:
Hey thanks, I added in the width etc...does it look ok on your screen now?
Amanda WatsonWeb DeveloperAuthor Commented:
I am not sure where to disable the smartload script either
Perfect now ;)
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