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Hi Guys

I export all teh mailbox in to pst with exmerge from a Exchange 2003 and now I try to import on to an exchange 2010. The import work just fine until now but one user after it import most of the mailbox is getting an error " The message being sent exceeds the message size establishe for this user"
I did increase the size of the mailbox to 5 gif ( the PST that I try to import has only 700 megs) and I also changed the  maximum size per mailbox database to 50 mb on the transport dumpster.
Still the sam problem.
What I'm doing wrong?
 Outlook error
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infedonetworkAuthor Commented:
They are using Thinclients.
I increased the size of the transport dumpster to 100 megs then I reboot the sever and looks like is working now.
Can you try importing from the pst file on the client pc in outlook?
you should still be able to import pst file even if they use thinclients, I'm assuming the have there own outlook profile accessed via a terminal server.
infedonetworkAuthor Commented:
Found the solutions
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