McAfee ePO Server failing to automatically pull updates

Hi everyone,

We have a McAfee 4.5 server that we have rolled out in our company and for some reason, the server cannot pull the updates automatically.  I can manually pull them from the McAfee website (from the same server) and check them in manually and everything works fine.  But it fails to download automatically.  I doubt it matters, but the server is Windows 2008 Server R2.  Initially we thought it was a proxy server issue, but since we can download it directly to the server using IE, I don't think that's the issue.

The log file text can be seen below.  Any help would be appreciated:

20110220112616    I             #4804     SIM_InetMgr          Session 1 ended, result=1

20110220112616    I             #4804     SiteMgr MirrorThreadProc: Mirror thread ended

20110220112616    x            #4804     SiteMgr SiteMgr main control final release...

20110220113226    I             #4804     SiteMgrWrap         Created instance of Site Manager

20110220113226    I             #4804     SiteMgr SetEPOMode: SiteMgr enter ePO mode, server=SERVERNAME, port=8443, EPOUser=, Password=********

20110220113226    I             #4804     SiteMgr DALInit: Connected to DAL successful

20110220113226    I             #4804     SiteMgr SetEPOMode: Set ePO mode successful

20110220113226    I             #4804     SiteMgr MirrorThreadProc: Mirror thread started

20110220113226    I             #4804     MCUPLOAD          Connecting directly to server

20110220113226    I             #4804     MCUPLOAD          Successfully disabled CA trust options.

20110220113245    E            #4804     MCUPLOAD          Failed to send http request.  Error=12007 (12007)

20110220113245    E            #4804     MCUPLOAD          System error 12007 means unable to resolve target address for, adjust machine DNS configuration as necessary to resolve this issue

20110220113245    E            #4804     SiteMgr Failed to send the http request.  hr=-2147467259

20110220113245    W           #4804     SiteMgr License check passed, but there was an error.  Error=, Code=-2

20110220113245    I             #4804     SrvEvtInf              Generating Event

20110220113245    I             #4804     SiteMgr No valid License key was found.  License check passed (beta or eval)

20110220113245    I             #4804     SIM_InetMgr          Starting download session for site McAfeeHttp

20110220113246    I             #4804     naInet    HTTP Session initialized

20110220113246    I             #4804     naInet    Connecting to HTTP Server using Microsoft WinInet

20110220113246    I             #4804     naInet    Trying to connect to Real Server using INTERNET_OPEN_TYPE_PRECONFIG

20110220113246    I             #4804     naInet    Connected to Server: on Port: 80 using WinInet

20110220113246    I             #4804     SIM_InetMgr          Started download session 1 for site McAfeeHttp

20110220113246    I             #4804     SiteMgr MirrorThreadProc: Downloading file catalog.z from McAfeeHttp

20110220113246    I             #4804     SIM_InetMgr          Downloading file catalog.z from session 1, LocalDir=C:\Windows\TEMP\nai3B5A.tmp\00000000, RemoteDir=

20110220113246    I             #4804     naInet    Open URL:

20110220113246    I             #4804     naInet    Trying to download using Microsoft WinInet library

20110220113246    I             #4804     naInet    Connecting to Real Server using INTERNET_OPEN_TYPE_DIRECT

20110220113246    I             #4804     naInet    No resume download needed, calling InternetOpenUrl

20110220113246    I             #4804     NAINET               Resolving name to address

20110220113300    E            #4804     naInet    InternetOpenUrl failed on Server:, error msg:  

20110220113300    I             #4804     naInet    Failed to download the URL /Products/CommonUpdater/catalog.z using Wininet

20110220113300    I             #4804     naInet    Trying to download using windows socket library

20110220113300    I             #4804     naInet    Connecting to Real Server: on port: 80

20110220113319    E            #4804     naInet    failed to find host for HTTP server:, error 11001

20110220113319    I             #4804     SIM_InetMgr          Download file catalog.z failed in session 1, nainet ret=11001

20110220113319    e            #4804     SiteMgr MirrorThreadProc: Download file catalog.z from McAfeeHttp failed, hr=-2147467259

20110220113319    I             #4804     SrvEvtInf              Generating Event

20110220113319    I             #4804     naInet    HTTP Session closed
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legalsrlConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Well you can certainly see that ePO is trying to download from the right places....

Error Code 11001 is a DNS error - no such host is known

What DNS Settings have you got in the machine ?

Can you ping ? If so, what IP does it resolve to ?

ExExMikeAuthor Commented:
Hi legalsrl,

Thank you for your response.  I can't Ping it or do a tracert (could not find host, unable to resolve target system name, respectively).  But I can open a browser, go to McAfee and download the file manually (I'm doing it right now - it's downloading from

There are a # of Local Area connections on the server.  I didn't install them so I can't say specifically why.  There is the usual # of pseudo connections and then there are a number of seemingly legitimate connections.  My TCP/IP skills are probably not advanced enough, but I wonder if this will help...

It seems to be a multi-homed server.  IE is able to connect, so the NIC that it uses has functioning DNS settings.  One of the other NICs is configured to use a different DNS server.  I wonder if for some reason ePO is attempting to get the download thru that NIC?  I'm not sure why it would since, it's browser-based and if we open another tab, it can go straight to the McAfee website...

I realize this isn't very helpful.  If you have any ideas for where I might look, please feel free to let me know and I can look around some more.

ExExMikeAuthor Commented:
Further update... The proxy server configuration was incorrect.  Once it was changed the downloads started working.  Thank you for your help
Nice one Mike, glad you sorted it :-)

The common config errors I see are either Web Filtering or Web Proxy issues, so I'm not surprised :-)

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