I could not find Diode Cross Reference! Please Help

Hello Experts,

I am trying to cross reference to a diode...
According to NTE no matching original part numbers found.

This is the diode i have: UF4007M
then there are these other initials: MSC

NOTE: I added my question in this zone cuz EE doesn't seen to have
an area or zone for these type of question, thanks in advance.
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nobusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
i would suggest no answer = delete question, not accept
i won't object, since i could not help
it is an ultra fast rectifier (bootom of page) :  http://www.hawyang-semi.com/en/search_Mospec.asp
you can look around for others mathing the specs
i hope this helps a bit ?
C0dingAuthor Commented:

Thanks for the page Nobus, but... Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage.

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it displays fine on mine
check your internet settings, or repair your OS then !
C0dingAuthor Commented:

or repair your OS then !  ...?
"Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage."
this kind of problems happend once in a while...
busy servers, or some other things going on on the website,
but it doens't mean that something is bad with my OS, this is pages, browser matter.
anyway i just enter the site once again, and it did show the page this time, just like i thought it.
one question, is this page to check semiconductors reference or to cross them? thanks
not sure what you mean...it has the specs of the parts listed
C0dingAuthor Commented:

Ok, thanks, but it doesn't have the voltage description on it which i need the most,
drop voltage, regular voltage, and so on.
yes- but it probably needs the chinese characters to display those..
C0dingAuthor Commented:

When you get a data description from NTE you don't need any character,
or it does have it or not, in this case does characters you are talking about
do not exist in my diode.

C0dingAuthor Commented:

Okay thank you anyway nobus
I don't want to have many inactive question open, so i decide to close
some of these questions, not close them, but simple just accept them,
even if my answer is there or not, EE is not like few years ago, i don't see
my answers latelly, if you look into all my questions, there only few with a
good answer, then the rest i had to accept them even if i was satisfy or not.
then if i give a B or C someboy will come up saying that an experte doesn't desert
a B or C. anyway, i am not satify with EE latelly. i don't see experts in here any more.
Thank you for your help

C0dingAuthor Commented:

I see, but i don't know how to explain, the question may have answer,
is just that nobody seen to get near there and check them for a solution.
thats why if i close the question i have to go thru a lot explanation of why
or what is making me close it and bla-bla-bla, so i rather do what i told you.
since i am here i clicked on the option called, Request for attention, but that
doesn't seen to work either.

maybe your OS is corrupted, or IE ?
C0dingAuthor Commented:

Hey nobus, are serius? why are you keep saying that?
no seriusly, i am not playing, but don't know why you keep bringing that up...
this have nothing to do with a corrupted operating system or anything. ok budy?
if a semiconductor is not found in the NTE database or software, that have nothing
to do with an operating system, is not there and thats it. thanks anyway body.
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