microsoft vss like software on linux

Hello experts,
                           I have only experience with microsoft vss software from my previous company. In my new company we have 80% above linux machine. So can anyone suggest me VSS like software for linux. Thanks in advance.
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jimswebConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you are ready to shell out some bucks,

or go with wine.
jacobbbcAuthor Commented:
@jimsweb: thanks for your reply. Is there any VSS like s/w which can use on linux without wine? The software should having GUI acccess.
jacobbbcAuthor Commented:
I am looking for some freeware software.
unfortunately, i haven't come across a freeware..
If the machine has,the file system installed on top of a lvm (Logical Volume), you can create a 'snapshot', but would then need to backup the data.  Rdiff-backup is one option.  Rdiff-backup-web is a web interface to access backup copies.

None of this will be as seamless as VSS/shadow copies in Windows.  This is as close as it gets for free.
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