Ricoh 1113/Nashuatec 1315 Developer problem

We have a Nashuatec 1315 multifunction copier (also known as Ricoh Aficio 1315) which has error code SC390 when doing more than a few copies at a time. We have ordered and had delivered some type 19 developer powder which i believe can help us, but here is our problem:
We are in northern Tanzania. There are NO (and please believe me when i say this) NO decent engineers here who know anything about Ricoh or nashuatec copiers, the guy i spoke to refused to believe me that Nashuatec was in fact a Ricoh copier, and just wanted money from me to take it away and fix it in his own time. I know what the problem is, but i need to have access to the service manual in order to complete the task of replacing the developer and re-initialising the copier to work.
Can anyone help me at all? Telling me to ring Ricoh support is not an option. I have tried contacting the TESSA support portal, and there are no registered Ricoh dealers in Tanzania at all, and given that all i need is the service manual that any self-respecting engineer from Europe would have in his van, i am not prepared to send this off to Nairobi or pay for a local to get this fixed when they know less than i do in the first place. I am a competent IT support analyst, working for a UK based charity here in Tanzania, and we don't have unlimited funds from which to get this repaired.
If we can't fix this ourselves, we'll be getting rid of the copier, as it is just not economical for us to send it away, we'd be better off buying something newer that people round here do know how to fix.
Any help is greatly appreciated, and i hope that you all understand my position when it comes to my location, budget and restrictions.
Out here, we have to do things slightly differently, and although i am not a trained engineer, i am more than capable of reading and followeing instructions, researching the steps involved and effectively training myself in order to complete this maintenance.
Thanks in advance :)
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jrtecConnect With a Mentor Commented:
the service manual for that machine is the same as for Ricoh Aficio 1015
The diferences between Ricoh Aficio 1015 and 1113 are lower speed (13 instead of 15 pages for minute), less extra options for the machine.
From the mechanical and electrical point of view they are just the same.
There is no service manual specific for ricoh aficio 1113

The developer is a bag of dust that look like toner, but its not.
You will need to open the lower side of the PCU (photo conductor unit) and remove and empty the old develop and put the new one. Be carefull not leave developer on the gears on the back side of the unit, because it will damage the gears over time.
After you repace the developer, dont forget to go in to service mode and execure the SP2-214 to initiliaze the new developer.
I'm not sure that will take care of the SC390, but it may.
When you remove the PCU check if the TD sensor conector is clean. it's on the back side of the PCU and it look like a smal phone plug atached with a screw to the back of the unit.
Let us know how it goes.
best regards.
Spike99On-Site IT TechnicianCommented:
I am not in Europe or Africa (I'm in the US) and, as I am sure you tried, I was unable to find any online manuals for that model of printer that were free (I did find it listed on several pay sites, but I don't know how trustworthy those sources are).

I also googled the error and I finally found a site that says what that code means:

Toner Density sensor output is abnormal. Check TD sensor connections/ Replace the TD sensor

I don't know where you would get that part in Tanzania.

I did find a "copy reference" manual for the Nashuatec 1315 on this page, but the PDF listed there doesn't have any troubleshooting info for that error:

There is a contact email on that page for requesting additional manuals, so maybe they can help you.

ranskiAuthor Commented:
thanks Spike99 (Aliica).
I had seen that reasoning for that error, and after some more searching, and the fact that the toner is not being "fused" onto the page, that the developer needed to be replaced. Sadly, I didn't look into the method for doing so, as getting hold of the developer was really easy, sold online in so many places, I (stupidly) assumed that it would be a replaceable thing by me.
Having a look at that manual now, not sure if it is the same as the one I have already (which is just a "how to use the machine" manual, rather than service or repair.
Like you, I found many sites wanting to take $40 or more from me for the service manual, but until i'm sure that it contains what i need, then I'm reluctant to shell out money for it.

Many thanks for your input, I'll post back with my findings later today.
ranskiAuthor Commented:
Key piece of information was that the Nashuatec 1315 is the same as a Ricoh 1015. The linkl provided got me a service manual with all the instructions on how to replace the developer, check the sensor, perform the re-initialization and then test and conclude that all had been successful. Our photocopier is now fully operational once more. I can't thank you enough, you have saved us so much money by allowing me to perform this routine myself rather than hire an engineer, and now i have the manual, there should be nothing that i can't fix myself going forward. Big big big thank you :)
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