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hello all

we currently have all emails going to for excamp a@mydomain.co.uk but have had a request if we could set up a email address at a@anydomainpop.co.uk, do i need to setup a new domain to enable this or can i add this to our normal exchange server
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chlebiTeam Leader IT InfrastructureCommented:
You need to adjust MX records on that domain to your Exchange server. But before that you need to configure your Exchange to accept mail for that domain.
This should walk you through: http://www.petri.co.il/configure-exchange-2007-recieve-email-other-domains.htm - BTW it applies to Exchange 2007 so adjust for other version if necessary.
chlebiTeam Leader IT InfrastructureCommented:
If you have an Exchange environment you can host multiple e-mail domains on it.
Mohamed ElManakhlyInfrastructure Team LeaderCommented:
you can have another alias for your Mail enabled users if thats what you are asking
markgould1978Author Commented:
we need to add the email account of info@companynamepop.co.uk so can this be added when our normal addresses are info@companyname.co.uk, if so how do i go about doing this
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