About ITIL implementation

Hi all,

our company is implementing ITIL . I am finding template document for :

- Incident management
- Change management
- Problem management
- Configuration management

Would anybody help me if your company does ITIL and have template that can reference ?

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woolnoirConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This ( http://csrc.nist.gov/groups/SMA/fasp/documents/hw_sw_mainenance/Config-Mngment-Plan.doc ) would be an example of a configuration management plan implementation document.

You need to start by auditing what you have, establishing the CI (configuration items) you wish to control and work forwards from there. The document highlights the end to end description so it should be some help.
When you say templates so you want the policies themselves i.e the incident management flowchart ? same with change management , do you want RFC examples ?
dinhchung82Author Commented:
thanks for your answer!

I need a example and that is showed by office template.

is it clear?

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I dont understand what you mean, lets take Incident management as an example.. what part do you need ? do you want an overview of the process itself, describing the inputs and outputs to the incident management process...

or do you want an example of the type of information which would be used for an actual incident ?

Implementing ITIL means the use of processes, procedures and tools without knowledge of what part you are doing i cant really help. Simply asking for an office template isnt much help....
dinhchung82Author Commented:
I try to build Configiration management , Would you have any main idea about this and example ?
Example make me more underatand ,thanks
This link may help you with your search:
But it is still not clear what you are looking for.
dinhchung82Author Commented:
Thanks for your help and advise , it is very useful for me
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