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I have avast prof. on all my desk- and laptop (around 80) computers, but resently I have been attacted and infected with spyware such as XP security 2011. Avast (5.0) has not caught

Can anybody recommand software that can detect this and can be managed in a domain setup.

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chlebiConnect With a Mentor Team Leader IT InfrastructureCommented:
As I mentioned before, we use Symantec solution. Can recommend
Use Microsoft Security Essentials:

I've been using on all of my computers at home and have recommend to dozens of friends and people here on EE and none has caught any virus or spyware!

Also, it's free!

chlebiTeam Leader IT InfrastructureCommented:
Just a warning: if you go via Microsoft Security Essentials path then check the licensing... It is for free but:
Microsoft Security Essentials has no limit in installation as long as it is being used in a home based environment and it is free.
Companies should use Enterprise level security such as Microsoft Forefront as a security solution.
There are also other vendors. We, for example, use Symantec solution.
Try using malwarebytes free edition, as chlebi's comment though it is intended for home use when using the free version.
Luxor_likeAuthor Commented:
I am not looking for freeware I am looking for a solution that is appropriate for midsize companies 80 users and that is effective :O)
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