Errors on the event log after computer join the domain

Hi all
I have Windows 2008 R2 Domain, 3 XP Workstations
Workstation 1 Join Currently to the domain and working fine.
Workstation 2 getting the same errors all the Time:
 Userenv error 1054 AutoEnrollment error 15 Application error 1000
Please Help
its urgent
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Chev_PCNConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It's looking more and more like there is a corruption of the system files somewhere.
First try running a repair on the OS, then rebuild the OS if necessary.
Can you do a comparison of the NIC network settings on the machines? Are the gateway or DNS server settings correct?
Have you tried disjoining the failing PC from the domain and then rejoining it?
The 0x08007054b error seems to relate to WSUS attempting to force a restart on the PC.
Can you rebuild it?
IT_Group1Author Commented:
The issue of error 15 (Autoenrollment) as been reslve by the fallowing link:
I tried few times to disjoin & rejoining the workstation but the result was the same.
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Can you ping the DC from the workstation using the netbios name?
Can you ping using the FQDN?
IT_Group1Author Commented:
The ping is fine.
the nslookup is wired its give me timeout but if i do query i getting answer.
And the NIC settings? Are they OK?
Have you tried plugging the PC into a different network point? Perhaps there is a faulty cable or switch point?
IT_Group1Author Commented:
All the communication components as been check 2-3 times.
all working fine - no failures.
IT_Group1Author Commented:
I dont thick its OS rebuilding issue at all...
The is only when i joined to any domain, i disabled the kdc service on the domain server and fix the dst issue on the workstations
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