SSIS Database Table to CSV

Hello Everyone,

What im after is a way on how to transfer database tables to csv's over and over again without needing to exectuteing it 1000 times (obviously using a loop container) I was just looking for some resources on how to do this?

anything would be useful or any examples by yourselfs and screenshots would also help.

Many thanks

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tigin44Connect With a Mentor Commented:
you can do this by using the SSIS ...
in a loop container... query the table names from the system tables.. dynamically create the csv file by using the table name and populate it by using the data flow task... you can set the data flow sorurce and destination at runtime...
NeoAshuraAuthor Commented:
Hi Tigin44, do you have any tutorials that would help me do this? first time and all :(

or alternatively a step by step guide by yourself?

It would be greatly appricated.

NeoAshuraConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
after research ive found my own answer.
NeoAshuraAuthor Commented:
After research i found the answer to my own question.
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