Finding a vendor for Windows XP

Can someone let me know if there is a vendor who still has copies of genuine Windows XP and is reliable and can, preferably, provide a downloadable version?
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Saqib Husain, SyedEngineerAsked:
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Looks like you can still get some copies at


Pro: is a good company that I've purchased from many times. Always use a credit card or Paypal and you will be covered if you have any problems either, but I never have and they are rated very high on Google Shopping.

The problem with the Windows 7 Pro downgrade is they tell you it is legal for you to use XP Pro, but you have to provide your own key for it. So basically, you have to already have a key from another machine or call your friend who has an XP OEM key and use that to activate your computer. I know this sounds insane, but I called Microsoft directly when dealing with the issue myself and this was the response they gave me on the phone. If you want to be able to upgrade later and you have an XP OEM key (and XP OEM CD) that you can use to install XP with, then go with Windows 7. I don't know any vendors that offer a downloadable copy of XP (I've tried many times in the past to find one). This would very likely violate Microsoft's terms of service though. Good luck.
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Another option is:

The OEM version of windows 7 includes downgrade rights to vista or XP. The question offcours is: do you need the license or the software?
just fyi: You can purchase a Microsoft Technet  subscription and get XP that way.  A standard subscription gives you two licenses for each software you download.  So, you can download Windows XP Home Edition-Retail with two licenses, Windows XP Media Center with two licenses, Windows XP Tablet PC-Retail w/2 licenses, Office Standard 2010 with two licenses, Windows 7 Ultimate with two licenses all for about $200 per year.  The licenses don't expire if you don't renew your subscription.
Actually, the last I checked you get 5 licenses for every version of Windows with a Technet subscription. It was 10 up until last year when they suddenly removed half our keys with no warning.

I was going to suggest this to you as well, but I didn't because: the downside to a Technet account is (from my understanding) you can't use it legally if you are reselling the keys or using them to build computers for other people. The keys are provided for "testing purposes" only, which basically means you can use it on your personal equipment but it's mostly for learning Microsoft's products and working in a test environment. Anyone else correct me if I'm wrong.
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