Any (affordable) router with embedded VPN Server?

Hi guys,

Does any body know of any router that comes with VPN Server (not client)?

Appreciate any help/hints.


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kdearingConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The Netgear FVS318 is a router/firewall/VPN server.
Very easy to configure.
It is designed for site-to-site VPNs
Netgear charges a license fee for remote access VPN client.

The FVS338 is a beefed up version and comes with 1 remote access VPN license

The best place to get this kind of stuff is
lancecurwensvilleConnect With a Mentor Commented:
SonicWall makes several models of firewalls that would serve your needs as they include router functionality and also gives you the added benefit of firewall tasks.  Additionally, as per your request, it does include a VPN server.  The client end application, GlobalVPN, is available to download for no cost.

If you want to stay on the open-source side, you can look at MonoWall.  You provide the hardware and install the monowall package utilizing physdiskwrite.  In addition to acting as a router/firewall, it has the functionality to act as a VPN server.  
I have several Netgear FVS318's in multisite-to-site vpn's
works great for less than $100
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MamadLinAuthor Commented:
@lancecurwensville: thanks for reply, I looked a bit into sonicwall and monowall but I am looking for more of a ready to use solution.
@kdearing: thanks that's great, just to confirm, would this work as router too, or I'd need a router in between, if I connect this to my cable modem, I can provide remote access through VPN to my network?
how much would it cost in total to have it shipped to canada, and how would we go about it, if I were to get it from you.
MamadLinAuthor Commented:
hm, Thanks man,
so I need to purchase the licenses as well, I went to but when I read the reviews for licenses people were complaining, have you personally had experince with it? either way I think I'll go with this (although the license were a bit pricy)
I've had 4 FVS318's running running point-to-multipoint for over 2 years now.
I honestly haven't messed with the remote access licenses much, although the few I've set up worked fine.
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