Mail Merge Issues on ACT2009 & Windows 7 64

I'm trying to get ACT 2009 to send an email template but it fails with an error. The error is provided on the link below. I also tried all of the suggestions on the link below to no avail and now I'm counting on EE for expert help!


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Have you upgraded Outlook recently?

The reason I mention this is because only ACT 2011 is compatible with Outlook2010. If not, have you made any recent changes to your system? Was this ever working?

SmarterIT2010Author Commented:
This is a new Windows 7 Home Edition 64 bit laptop, fresh out of the box. I installed Office 2007 and then ACT2009. I did all critical updates and also installed MS Office SP2. I ran the Office diagnostics and it found 0 errors.

I also granted the user administrator privs.

I also tried creating a new, very basic template, with just 1 field for salutation but that also generated the error.

I also tried un/re-installing the MS Visual C++ redistributable that comes on the ACT disk, no help.

I also tried installing MS Visual C++ 2010, no help.

This things kicking my arse!
SmarterIT2010Author Commented:
The only other thing i can think of is that this remote user uses Outlook over HTTP/RPC. I may try setting up a dummy email account through google and try using that as a test.
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It should use the outlook client. When you look at the sync settings, does it recognize the outlook client?
SmarterIT2010Author Commented:
It was setup to use the Outlook client prior to attempting the email template yes.
Technically, ACT 2009 is not compatible with 7, but...

Have you gone into Outlook and verified that all of the addons are installed and running? I have the same OS and have had a time trying to get ACT to function without issues. This is even with 2011.
Can you please Close Act, Right click the Act Icon and choose Run as Administrator. This should then bypass UAC security and may resolve the issue.

Failing this can you make sure you have set Outlook as the email editor, that error suggests you are set to use Act email. (Tools -> Preferences -> Email Tab -> Email System Setup -> Run through wizard to check Outlook is selected).

Failing this can you try to re-register redemption

Act 2009 Is not supported with Win 7 .. and its x64 which could cause more issues.


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Mike LazarusAct! Evangelist - CRM ConsultantCommented:
If all else fails, you might try the GAC fixes from this article:
SmarterIT2010Author Commented:
havent had a chance to reconnect and try your suggestions, be back to you soon
Mike LazarusAct! Evangelist - CRM ConsultantCommented:
Any luck?
SmarterIT2010Author Commented:
Issue was not fixed and technically is not compatible with Windows 7 so giving up. Thanks
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