Backupexec 2010 - Tape Drive Keeps going down

Hi Guys

I have Backup Exec 2010 and I am facing the problem where my tape drive keeps going down after each backup job, I get device error alerts.

As a workaround I have to restart the services in order to get it working. It is a quantum LTO 4 drive and I have tried installing the symantec drivers however it doesnt pick up the drive once I do that and in device manager I can see that it does not like the driver.

Could this be physical issue with regards to scsi ports?

Anytthing else I could try?

Kind Regards
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have you run a format on the tapes prior to use ? (that often causes issues). Can you inventory a tape successfully , or does that cause a offline drive too ?

When you do any operation (backup or inventory) does the drive PHYSICALLY do anything, or does it immediately go offline in backup exec.

> Ive ran the wizard option aboev thats when it didnt like the symantec driver

what specifically did it do with the symantec driver ?
It could be that the drive needs cleaning, or that you are trying to use damaged or dirty tapes, or a combination of both. Can you try cleaning the drive with a LTO4 cleaning tape and then try a backup with NEW and freshly formatted tapes ?
The tape drive not having drivers in device manager isnt 100% the issue, you can try reinstalling the drives.

1. Tools --> Wizards --> Device Configuration Wizard

2. Next (shows you a summary of your devices, be it B2D, auto-loaders, libraries etc). Click Next Again.

3. Choose the option to "Install tape device drivers", and click Next. This brings up another wizard, and you can click Next.

4. Click Next at the USB device drivers warning...

5. Make sure the first option (Use Symantec drivers for all supported tape devices" is selected, and that the Additional options has "Use Plug and Play drivers for Windows 2000 or later" selected (might not need it, but I keep it on).

6. Click Next, and let your installation run. When it detects your tape drive and asks to install the drivers, choose the option to allow. A reboot might be required.
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All in all, i would suspect that its media or a faulty/dirty drive thats all fault and that would be my first guess.
ridha121Author Commented:
Its a brand new tape drive its been like this from when I first instaleld it.

Ive ran the wizard option aboev thats when it didnt like the symantec driver which is why ive stuck to quantum driver. But then again it keeps failing after a successful backup job.

So should i clean the tape drive regardless?

ridha121Author Commented:
Hmm no I havnt run a format on the new tapes.. do you suggest that for each tape inserted?

I just did inventory and it worked fine but thats because the job has already finished too. Hmm I suspect then this points to the tapes not being formatted?

When I ran the wizard the tape drive would appear as offlien and in device maanger it would apepar with exmalation mark.  IN order to get a successful backup I had to reinstall the orginal quantum driver back .
Try a tape format (full) if this works, then do a backup. Let me know the outcome of each (and i appreciate this may take some time) i'll keep monitoring the thread.

you might want to try a quick erase first, and then a backup (that will be quicker than the above) and help us diagnose.
ridha121Author Commented:
ive tried a quick erase and i don think its working..

will try a full format..
S00007359Cloud Engineering OfficerCommented:
test with another tape drive, request a laoner unit from your tape library/driev supplier/vendor! suspect your hardware issues!

As I have had similar problem with Backup Exec 2010 and a Quantum library, I can perharps help:

Did you open the Quantum knowledge base ?
They have a "Best Practices for Setting up a Tape Library Environment" articles like this one :

And you have an important subject about TUR. See their knowledge base article #7175 about TUR and try to change registry as they say.

It was the detail I missed and the plug&play "service" asked to each drive an "are you here???" each second. This so repeated question implied the drives offline mode like you.

Hoping it helps a little...
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