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I have a Joomla 1.5 site and I need to know how to do a few tweaks. Even if you can't fully answer both questions below, any significant info that will get me further along will be awarded 500 points. I would be happy to split this into 2 separate EE questions if that would help. I have been stalled on this for a long time, though I believe it's not very hard to do for a Joomla expert.

See the center column titled Latest News. Each article summary has an "Add new comment" link at the bottom. This center column is using the mod_latestnews module.

See the left column titled Featured Blog Posts. That column uses the mod_placehere module.

At the bottom of each mod_placehere article summary (left column), just like in mod_latestnews, I need the "Add new comment" link to appear and be functional. Emphasis: Not a static, hardcoded link, but dynamic, just like it works in mod_latestnews (center column). I am using JComments for the comment engine. I'm open to plugging in something different for the comment engine if it's easier/better.

Login needs to be required before comments can be posted. When a guest/anonymous user clicks "Add new comment", I want them taken to a login screen with the option to log in or create an account. If they create an account, require username, password, firstname, lastname, email address. After login or account creation, I want user redirected back to the article they want to add a comment to, ready to add their comment and save. If user is already logged in, when they click Add new comment, they should be taken directly to the screen where they can add the comment to that article and save.

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Well, you would have to create a plugin extension or modify the code in jcomments to work with mod_placehere. Is there any particular reason you are using placehere module? Have you tried using the Newsflash module which I believe jcomments would work with?
Are you using a 3rd party extension for the Featured Blog Posts column? And have you tried any other comment system like JomComment?
SweatCoderAuthor Commented:
I am using mod_placehere for Featured Blog Posts column. And currently I'm using JComment, but would be happy to switch to something else if it makes sense to do so.
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Rowby GorenCommented:

I'm lurking here in case I can be of help.

Also to learn!

SweatCoderAuthor Commented:
thomasd04: You ask a good question. I inherited the site and I am not a Joomla expert. I would be happy to switch, as long as I don't severely unravel something. Can you give me a few more details what to do?

rowby: Thanks for stopping by.

I'm not sure if I have a easy solution for you. If it were me I would duplicate the site and test other modules to see which one worked with a comment system. Check out all of these latest news modules on the Joomla Extension directory:

Check a few of them out and search for ones that work with comment systems like AiDaNews.
Also check out JomComment as I think it is a very powerful commenting system that many other developers design their extensions to support.

Sorry I didn't have the perfect answer but I hope you can find something useful from what I've provided. Good luck!
SweatCoderAuthor Commented:
Thanks for comments. Because I didn't get as much detail as I needed to do this myself, I ended up hiring it out.
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