Yahoo Mail & attaching file to remember last path


Have a bit of a odd question...

On a new install of windows 7, with IE 8, I have a user that uses Yahoo Mail. (webmail, non classic version)

When opening mail and attaching a file, how do I set the default location for the attachment window to open to?

It won't even remember the last location used for the previous attachment added (if more than on in an email).

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Kody-BurgConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The following link had a similar question. From my research, IE8's security will not allow you to change the default attachment location.


Bryan_Author Commented:
Humm, not good. I had a feeling it was changed in IE8.  

Sucks. Anyone else have any info?
Kody-BurgConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Firefox and Chrome tend to remember the last attachment location, if you're not opposed to changing the browser you use.
Bryan_Author Commented:
I'm a FireFox guy. But the boss doesn't do change well. LOL

Thanks for your help.
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