I have 2 servers that are setup for DNS. If my primary DNS server which holds all the FSMO roles except the Infrastructure master is offline, my client computers can no longer get email from my exchange server. But the two computers can ping eachother by host name....What am I missing??
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SommerblinkConnect With a Mentor Commented:
What DNS servers are listed in each server's respective network card?

For example, ad_Server1 would have the following
DNS1 = ad_server2 IP
DNS2 = ad_server1 IP

ad_Server 2 would show the following
DNS1 = ad_Server1 IP
DNS2 = ad_server2 IP

All your clients should be similarly configured:

DNS1 = ad_Server1 IP
DNS2 = ad_Server2 IP

At no point would you ever want to have any other DNS servers listed here, especially your ISP's DNS servers.

As far as PDC emulator, lots of things depend on this, including verifying passwords in certant situtations... but that is not to say that things should fail if its offline (like for a reboot), provided that you don't have other problems in AD infrastructure.
Is it an active-directory integrated DNS zone?
Krzysztof PytkoSenior Active Directory EngineerCommented:
Are both of them configured as Global Catalog? Exchange relies on GC and DNS server. Additionally, please ensure that second DC has DNS configured :]

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Are you sure it is actually resolving using DNS?  The ping reply should be a fully qualified domain name such as server1.microsoft.com and not just server1.  It could be resolved by WINS if it is only server1 assuming WINS is configured.  How many Domain Controllers do you have?
WIZUAuthor Commented:
The secondary DNS/DC is also a GC server and has DNS configured. I dont know if this is a clue but When I try to go into the MMC console on the secondary DNS/DC I get an error saying the PDC emulator could not be found...because its role holder is on the shutdown primary DC. Does exchange rely on the PDC emulator?
WIZUAuthor Commented:
I have the IPs point to the other DNS DCs. This problem is really wierd. Could it have anything to do with the main DC owning the certificates?
What do you mean owning the certificates?

Also, have you followed the instructions on post 34947088 to ensure that you are not resolving from anything OTHER than DNS?
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