How do I assign a static IP to a linux box suse 2.6

I am trying to assign a static IP to a Linux box Suse v 2.6.  Any help would be greatly appreciated
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bmsjeffConnect With a Mentor Commented:
ifconfig eth0 x.x.x.x netmask x.x.x.x up
where x = your IP and subnet address
But it is only temporary sollution. After reboot you loose your IP.
In Suse you can use Yast or you can set data in directory /etc/sysconfig/network/ files (ifcfg-eth0) by editing them.
BDManagedServicesAuthor Commented:
I only need it to retain this address long enough to get POP3/IMAP clients to download their data then the box can go away.  
BDManagedServicesAuthor Commented:
how about setting a gateway and DNS address?
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