HP T5570 Dual Monitors and Windows Terminal Server 2003

I purchased an HP T5570 which has embedded Windows Standard 2009 with dual monitor support.  The monitors work fine when running the base OS but when I connect to Windows Server 2003 Terminal Server, I only get one screen.  I can minimize the RDP session and move it from one screen to the other but I can not get the RDP session to utilize both screens.  I have configured the RDP session to "Use multiple monitors..." but stll nothing.

Any ideas?
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mschutzmanConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I ended up buying a new wide screen monitor instead of dealing with the dual monitor setup that was not working.
dual monitors does not work on terminal server. I think citrix supports it and I know vmware view supports it.


mschutzmanAuthor Commented:
I don't think that is correct.  The HP thin client has Windows Standard 2009 has RDP 6.1 which according to MS "Remote Desktop Protocol 6.1 (RPD 6.1) enables thin clients to connect to Terminal Server. RPD 6.1 offers new features such as network-level authentication, server authentication, remote applications, resource redirection, and monitor spanning, to name just a few."

Plus I did research prior to buying the Thin Client and noticed several forums discussing dual monitors with Windows 2003 TS.
mschutzmanAuthor Commented:
Anyone else have an insight into the dual monitor setup for Windows 2003 Terminal Server via a thin client?
mschutzmanAuthor Commented:
Added end buy additional hardware.  Original issue was really never resolved
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