Please review and comment on server installation (Revised)

In a previous question I posted the comments (see far below) . I have a revision and questions.

On the new Server DNS is installed with reverse lookup.
DS and File Services were not yet installed.
DHCP will not be deployed on the server at this time. (it is running on a router)
ADPREP was copied from 2008 install CD to the 2003 Server c:\adprep\.

I am looking to perform the steps in the right order

QUESTION: Should I install Active Directory and File Sharing on the New 2008 Server BEFORE running APPREP on the old server? Or does that sequence even matter?

Can you help me with command DETAIL on how to :
1) ADPREP  2003 Server ( to add Windows 2008-specific attributes to the schema)
2) Promote the 2008 Server as an additional Domain Controller
3) Transition  FSMO roles  (is this a multi step process?)  Help!
4) DCPROMO from old 2003 server (SERVER01) to new 2008 server (HSDCFS1

Thanks for the help, it is worth much more than 500 points to me but I cannot award more.


Old Server= Windows Server 2003 R2 Standard Edition 5.2 (build: 3790) Service Pack 2
CD AD FSharing
New Server=Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard Edition ( New install - Packed)
No other servers are on the LAN

 INTRODUCE NEW 2008 Standard R2 DOMAIN CONTROLLER (AD, DNS, DHCP, FS (file sharing not federated Services)) TO NETWORK
Build out new AD controller  (HSDCFS1) with  Server 2008 R2
Install Service packs and security updates and CALS

Connect NEW Server to LAN and configure Static IP
Add Server to Domain
Install services (AD, DNS, DHCP, FS) build DHCP scope
Shake-N-Bake (let DNS cook)
Connect Unitrends Imaging Server and perform Image backup of 2003 Server.

ADPREP  2003 Server ( to add Windows 2008-specific attributes to the schema)
Promote the 2008 Server as an additional Domain Controller
Transition  FSMO roles  from old 2003 server (SERVER01) to new 2008 server (HSDCFS1)
Change DHCP to have DNS point to new HSDCFS1
Update existing server to verify new DNS information.
Start /Activate  DHCP on new HSDCFS1 server.
Set all workstations for Dynamic IP
Reboot workstations again to get new addresses from new DHCP server.
           Migrate existing application specific  file data (XCOPY,  including  file date stamps )
Verify data transfer  / test data accessibility (Mappings)
Break Fix

POST INSTALLATION Tasks Remove the old server from the domain and shutdown box
 Retire the hardware
Raise the functional level of the domain from 2003 to 2008.

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To achieve the scope you mentioned is easy.
Step1: Run addprep /forestprep and adprep /domainprep
Step2: Install Win2k8 R2 server, activate windows and join existing domain
Step3: Server Manager>Roles>Add Roles> Add Active Directory Domain Name Services or simply run dcpromo when choosing domain join existing domain as a secondary DC
Step4: Wait for KCC to replicate or push for replication using repmon or repadmin
Step5: Transfer FSMO roles using ntdsutil
Step6: Configure new DC as GC using ADSite.msc

It seems you want to add mutiple roles in new server, so you add mutiple roles such as DHCP from Server Manager

From old DHCP, backup your DHCP server
Import into new DHCP server and authorize server
Remove old DHCP server from Add/Remove component of Win2k3

Add File server Roles>Create Shared folder etc..
Transfer All Data using xcopy or robocopy
make sure you keep all ntfs permission during xcopy

Now you keep going what ever you want to do.

To retire old AD server, run dcpromo and demote the server gracefuly
Shutdown server
Now raise forest functional level to 2k8 R2 native

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