Conditional Formatting, multiple blank or zero

How would a conditional formatting statement be written to cover multiple conditions in a cell, such as a blank cell or a "0" (zero) in a cell. Column of cells actually.

Thanks for any assistance

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barry houdiniConnect With a Mentor Commented:
In conditional formatting you don't really need an IF function, just a statement that returns TRUE or FALSE, so if you wanted to format column A if it contains "x" or "y" then this would suffice


For your specific example, if the blanks are truly blank then Excel actually treats those as zeroes so in that case you only need a single condition


That will format any zero that actually contains a zero or is truly blank

If you want to apply to a whole column you just select the column first and then use the formula applicable to row 1, so the above formulas would work to format the whole of column A

regards, barry
roger_karamConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can use an iff statement in the conditional formatting then copy it down. Example:

In cell A1, use the following formula for conditional formatting = if(OR(A1=0;A1="');1;0) , than drag the format down to the other cells

hope that helps
you may need to adjust roger_karam's formula to change the ; to , depending on your regional settings...
Barry's answer is the way to go. Used to the IF statement because i remember having trouble with older versions of excel without it.
dgd1212Author Commented:
Thanks guys. Also didn't realize that a "blank cell" = 0
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