Best option for sharing a calendar on Blackberry Storms - Exchange 2003 - Outlook 2007

Looking for the best option for sharing a calendar with my wife for personal events.  
Me: Exchange 2003, Outlook 2007, Blackberry Storm
Her: Outlook 2003, Blackberry Storm

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yelbaglfConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Unless there is a way listed in one of the links provided by other experts, I am not aware of a way to sync only certain events at certain times.  

Taken from Google's Sync:
Please note that Google Calendar Sync syncs all of the events in both your default Microsoft Outlook calendar and your primary Google Calendar. Currently, there is no way to sync events within a specific time frame in your calendar.

The only option I can think of atm is to create a secondary calendar, which you would use as your primary, and then any events you want to sync for your wife, you would add those to the default Outlook calendar, since the default calendar gets synced with Google.  But this would be a headache because meeting request/reminders come from the default calendar in Outlook.

A quick Google search brought me across this, which costs $25, but it does what you're wanting to do with Outlook and Google calendaring.

Taken from the product page:
Flexibility of publishing/not publishing private
events information in Outlook® calendar to Google Calendar™ calendaring service
Aaron TomoskySD-WAN SimplifiedCommented:
You could Share gmail calendars. Super easy.
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bmsjeffAuthor Commented:
She is not in the exchange environment
bmsjeffAuthor Commented:
Do the gmail calendars interact with exchange?  Sync Options?
bmsjeffAuthor Commented:
Does Google sync give an option for only syncing certain calender items?
yelbaglfConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You'll have to use something like this with your Google calendar.


Also, check out this, if you want the BB app, or if you just want to use Google's Calendar Sync, which can do a 2-way sync between Google Calendar and Outlook.
bmsjeffAuthor Commented:
Can google calendar sync tag certain items in outlook?  I don't want to sync everything, just the items I want my wife to see.
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