Pivot Table Total as sum When field is Max

If i have a pivot table that has a column with max values can i change the total to be the sum of the values and not the max?

i.e. I have a column showing the max values:


The total is currently showing 2000 (the max), I need it to show 5500 (the sum)

Any ideas?
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Rory ArchibaldCommented:
You can't do that unless you add the field again as a sum.
You could get rid of grand totals at the bottom, then create a calculated item called "Total of All" equal to max(field1) + max(field2) + max(field3) + ...

Click on the row labels, then select PivotTable ribbon element, Formulas, Calculated Item.  Then Add the new Item, and use the field list in the second listbox.  See below:
calculated item
and the resulting table looks like:
Pivot Table Result with Total of the MAX items...

See attached:



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@Carl - additional issues, did this solution not work for you, or are you ready to close this out?

carlspywellAuthor Commented:
Pointed me in the right direction
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