bootable dos usb thumb drive - not to show as c: and have plenty of available space


i am trying to make a usb drive bootable in dos.  i would also like the drive to show up as any drive other than c:.  I have been able to do this with this utility: (where i can make the drive is bootable with freedos and it shows up as A:\ ) but i don't have much space available on the drive (only 1.4MB like a floppy - even though usb drive is 4GB).  I suspect this is the case because part of the process in creating it was to use a floppy image.

has anyone done this and can tell me what i can do to accomplish this?

many many thanks =)
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It sounds like a WinPE (stripped down vista) boot is more of what you are looking for.

That will get you a drive that boots into a command prompt in which you can run quite a bit fo applications.
What is it that you are trying to do with the drive?

I'd second WinPE if you're looking for a bootable Windows CLI on a stick.  If you were looking for multiboot with Linux, some instructions for combining Ubuntu and BartPE (a poor man's WinPE before Microsoft made WinPE free) can be found here:
capgroupAuthor Commented:
i am trying to create a bootdisk that i can not only install windows from an unattended version (which is why i need the drive to show up under a different drive letter other than c:) but i am also trying to put several dos tools i have on the drive that i would like to run manually (fdisk, chkdsk, partition magic, ghost, and many many more).  i have something like this on cd already but would like to create a usb flash drive version since some pcs dont have cdroms
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That's exactly what the PE boot is intended for that I posted above.
capgroupAuthor Commented:
cool ill check it out.. its a pretty involved so i havent tried it yet.

ill come back here and let you know.

thanks =D
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