Exchange Email Changes made by a PA reverting on Managing Directors Mailbox


Running exchange 2007 on Outlook 2010 (about to move to exchange 2010 but want to resolve this first)

We have a PA who has access to the MD's mailbox and she makes changes to his contacts and moves his mail for him into sub folders on the inbox etc etc

Every now and then the changes she has made to the contacts and moved emails revert back to a previous state. ie mails move back to the main inbox and contacts loose the changes.
(She also makes changes for the chairman and the same seems to be happing.)

Both the MD and Chaiman travel a lot so I run their  Outlook in Cached mode. Is this the cause of the problem are the changes she makes being over written once they re-connect??

Can this be controlled as in 'Server Wins' as in mobile sync.
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AmitConnect With a Mentor IT ArchitectCommented:
Seems to be OST corruption issue. Disable the cache mode and test it again. Or open that mailbox from some other machine without cache mode and test the changes. Don't open it at the current machine, where you are facing this issue. This way we can understand, if this is OST issue.

Next would be to check the mobile sync issue
Gibo993Author Commented:
Just checked the PA is not running in cached mode, we have made some changes and will see if they revert when the MD next VPN's in.
(It only seems to happen when the PA makes changes when the MD is offline and then he reconnects over VPN)
From what I understand if he is in the office connected to the LAN these errors do not occur.

Its quite hard to test as sometimes the reverting emails may take a few days to happen.

out of interest what checks would you make on mobile sync.

(if its of importance both the MD and chairman are Blackberry users)

Thanks for the input

AmitIT ArchitectCommented:
Have you checked the sync options on your end users blackberry which specifies the mailbox wins or the device wins?  I was thinking that if the device is set to win then changes on the mailbox would revert back.
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AmitIT ArchitectCommented:
I remember this is know issue with BB. If you have BB support. Check with them once
Gibo993Author Commented:
99% sure the Blacberry is set to Mailbox wins. But I will check.
The problem only really happens when the MD connects over VPN
AmitIT ArchitectCommented:
User is using same machine in office and while using VPN?
AmitIT ArchitectCommented:
If not same machine, then you need to check first post i have given here. OST issue
Gibo993Author Commented:
No its the same machine, I did think he may be using an old laptop but he assures me this is not the case.
Could his cache file be ovverting the changes on the server, if he does not connect for a few days and changes are made by the PA, and then when he conects his cache file overwrites the changes.

Does ccache work in this way? I would of thought not but I'm starting to question it.
Could the way the access is granted to the MDs mailbox have any bearing? It is set on the Echange server, but I have new information that he may have also given delegation rights on his PC.

(he is out of the office this week so I can't get access to his system)
AmitIT ArchitectCommented:
You must recheck it again.
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