How do I use arrow button to scroll through.

I have a worksheet with two sheets.  "Profile" sheet pulls information from "dem" sheet.  On the "Profile" sheet, in cell E4, I want to use arrows to scroll through the information that is in column B on "dem" sheet.  Right now, we have to type the ID in cell E4, but we'd like to just scroll right through. profile012311.xlsx
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shahzadbuxConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Create a named range - Formula tab, name manager, new...

The one i created is called PowhatanID and in the formula box i entered =OFFSET(dem!$B$12,0,0,COUNT(dem!$B:$B),1)

This is a dynamic range, meaning it will get bigger as you add more info on the dim sheet

Next, go to the profile sheet and select the cell where you want the drop down (E4)

Add Data Validation - Data Tab, Data Validation..

Select list and in the formula box enter '=PowhatanID'

This tells it to use a list and get the information for the list from the named range we created before
you have attached a password protected file, post again without the protection and make sure you remove any sensitive info!
ITRTMartinAuthor Commented:
Thanks, I removed the sensitive info, but forgot the password!
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Have a look at the attached file, it will show the names in a drop down list and expand and contract as you add to the list.

Data Validation on the cell E4 (Profile) and a dynamic named range
ITRTMartinAuthor Commented:
I like that!  How do I replicate that on the "real" sheet?
ITRTMartinAuthor Commented:
Thank you!
No problems, have a look here for more options for dynamic ranges -
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