print record from a userform

Hi all,

Is there a way to print a record inside a userform ?

I added a ''Print Record'' button to the userform. Still have to figure it out how to print from inside the form.

Any help would be appreciated.
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currentdbConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Hi jo_m,

Actually I do have a find record command and just needed to print the actual record that was found.

That's what the code looks like from the Print Button:

Private Sub btnPrint_Click()
    Docmd.PrintOut Command  acselection, , , , 1, True
End Sub

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Maybe something is missing here..

hello there

could you try  

Sub printform()
Docmd.Printout acselection,,,,1, true

End sub

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This will print out a screen shot of the form

 hope this helps


Additionally you may wish to  find a specific  record before printing

so if you add a combo box to select the  record  to find  the record
and call it cmbFindRecord then put the code below on the after update  evebnt

 this will  navigate you to the selected record

As I don't know the  premise of your form  I selected  a generic record id  as the example
If you would like to,  or are able to upload your workbook I will be only too happy to review.

In case you need to filter the records down first.
 Here's one way to do it

Private Sub cmbFindRecord_AfterUpdate()

  ''Making a selection from this control filters the Orders form
  ''for orders by the selected Record
  'declare variables
  Dim sFilter As String

  'in this case, the ID is text so the ID value
  'needs to be wrapped in single quotes.
  sFilter = "[RecordID]= '" & Me.cmbFindRecordId & "'"

  'assign the filter value,and turn filtering on
  Me.Filter = sFilter
  Me.FilterOn = True
End Sub

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tx jo
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currentdbAuthor Commented:
Hi jo_m,

It does not work as I have this compile error ''Required object'' and it highlights this line Docmd.Printout acselection,,,,1, true

My button name is ''btnPrint''

currentdbAuthor Commented:
After some struggling, I came with this:

Private Sub btnPrint_Click()
End Sub

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I made a quick test and this one does make a printout of the found record and the form itself.

Now I'm trying to add another button with the same purpose (to print), but it will have to print all records. Do you have an idea how to program this one ?
hello again

if I am not misunderstanding you ,  you would also like to print out all records from the worksheet
Activesheet.PrintOut   will do this

but you may need to set  print area
so to select your Range  (-   I used hypothetical  addresses as I don't know the size  of your worksheet.)

Range ("A1:  F9").select
Activesheet.pagesetup.printArea =  "$A$1:  $F$9"

hope this is what you need


currentdbAuthor Commented:
Hello again,

Your code will only print the active worksheet.

What about the one that will print from inside the userform ?

The one that I submitted at post ID 34953047 will print just the record that was found in the userform. Is there any way to print all records through the userform ?

For your info, the worksheet has 55 columns and the userform contains only 10, mostly used to get some quick info on a record (ex: address, name, mortgage, etc).

currentdbAuthor Commented:
Seems that what I wrote worked.
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